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The Prayers Imam Mahdi Suggested Us to Say (Part 2)

imam mahdi (a.s)


The ‘Al-e Yasin’ Prayer

Imam Zaman said in the Toghi Sharifi text, “Whenever you want to pray to God and turn to us, send peace to the descendants of Yasin, as God has commanded.”‌


The Night Prayers, ‘Ziarat Jame’e’ Prayer, and ‘Ziarat Ashura’ Prayer

Late Seyyed Ahmad bin Seyyed Hashem bin Seyyed Hasan Mousavi Rashti lost his companions on his way to Hajj when he had the honor of meeting with Imam Mahdi, who told him to say his night prayers in order to find the way, so he did. Imam told him to say ‘Ziarat Jame’e’ prayers, and he did. After that, Imam Mahdi said that he should say the ‘Ziarat Ashura’ prayers, and he did. Then, Imam Mahdi helped him sit on a horse and said, “Why don’t you say your night prayers? Night prayers… night prayers… night prayers...”‌ He continued, “Why don’t you say ‘Ashura’ Prayers? Ashura… Ashura… Ashura…”‌ and finally, “Why don’t you say ‘Ziarat Jame’e’ prayers? Jame’e… Jame’e… Jame’e…”‌ Then, he said, “Here are your companions who have stopped next to a river to wash themselves for saying their morning prayers.”‌

‘Sahife Sajjadieh’ Book  

Late Majlesi said in his book “Rozat al Mottaghin”‌ that he had a dream about Imam Mahdi in his adolescence and he asked Imam in that dream, “Could you give me a book that I could act based on it, as I cannot visit you anytime I want?”‌ Imam Mahdi got someone give the book of “Sahife Sajjadieh”‌ to him and because of that, the book became widely known in a short time.

‘Ziarat  Amin Allah’ Prayer

 Late Hajj Ali Baghdadi says about his meeting with Imam Mahdi, “I went to the shrine of Imam Kazem and Imam Javad with Imam Mahdi. We kissed the shrine and Imam Told me to read the prayers. I said I could not read. He asked if I wanted him to read it to me and I said yes. He asked which prayer I liked to hear and I said the one that is the best, and he said, “’Ziaret Amin Allah’ is the best.”‌ And he started reading it.

source : http://www.tebyan.net
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