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The Holy Prophet gave az- Zahra his daughter full freedom in choosing a husband

The Holy Prophet himself gave away several daughters in marriage. He never deprived them of their right to choose their husbands on the occasion when ‘Ali ibn Abi Talib (a.s.) presented himself to the Holy Prophet to ask for the hand of Zahra (a.s.) the Holy Prophet said ‘Several persons have come to me to ask the hand of az-Zahra (a.s.) but by the displeasure of her countenance she has refused them. Now I shall inform her of your request.”

The Holy Prophet went to his daughter and put the matter before her az- Zahra did not turn her face away in disapproval this time and by keeping silent and undisturbed expressed her consent. The Holy Prophet came away from az-Zahra reciting the takbir (Allahu Akbar Allah is Great).

source : http://www.maaref-foundation.com
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