Friday 12th of August 2022
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Thousands of Bahraini protesters condemn violent regime crackdown

Bahraini anti-regime protesters have gathered in a village near the capital Manama to press for their demands and condemn the violent crackdown by security forces.

Thousands of demonstrators gathered for the second day in the northern village of Muqsha, about 8 kilometers (5 miles) west of Manama.

The Bahraini opposition groups that organized the demonstration said the protest would continue until February 14, the first anniversary of the popular uprising in Bahrain.

The protesters also demanded the release of political prisoners.

A massive anti-regime demonstration was also held in Muqsha in December 2011.

Scores of people have been killed and hundreds more arrested or fired from their jobs since the beginning of the popular uprising in Bahrain in mid-February 2011.

On February 1, two elderly Bahraini protesters died after inhaling poisonous tear gas fired by regime forces during attacks on protesters in the village of Ma'ameer and the Naim neighborhood in Manama.

The Amnesty International called on Bahraini authorities on January 26 to “investigate and account for the reports of more than a dozen deaths following tear gas use.”

The organization also called on the US government to “suspend transfers of tear gas and other riot control equipment to the Bahraini authorities.” 

source : http://abna.ir/
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