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The Two Holy Shrines in Karbala Suggesting Forming

Under the framework (Holy Karbala Getting Prosperous by its Visitors), the two Holy Shrines of Imam Hussain and Hadhrat Ababs (pbut) held a conference inside the Dar E Elm Hall in Al-Abbas Holy Shrine evaluating the Arbaeen Visitation !433 AH 9 Rabe'e I 1433 – Feb 2, 2012 headed by Sayed Ahmed Alsafi, the Secretary General of Al-Abbas Holy Shrine in the presence of Fadel Awz, head of the department of Security with some other employees and representatives of the Iraqi government and the Parliament.

The conference began with a word by sayed Ahmed Alsafi welcoming the attendants tackling some service matters that accompanied the last visitation.

Explaining: "these services are few as compared to the number of visitors rushing towards the holy city of Karbala all over the year. And all the departments of security and service are unable to provide the all the services the visitors need. Emphasizing the necessity of providing all what the visitors need".

The Safi suggests "we should form a body to do all these things in the million visits from all the security, service, and administrative perspectives entrusted authorized form the House of Representatives and the government like the body of Pilgrimage".

Then came the word of the council of Karbala province and all the heads of the departments in the council of the holy city of Karbala explaining many matters as follows:

1 - To accelerate the implementation of major road projects for visitors, leading to Karbala, and called (Al-Hussein Road) on three major roads (Karbala - Najaf, Karbala - Babylon, and the Karbala - Baghdad) as the most important roads leading to Karbala.

2 - Working to increase the budget of the province of Karbala, in proportion to the numbers of visitors.

3 – Avoiding temporal solutions and work to find solutions to future strategy to resolve all the problems that accompany the visit.

4 - Created railway lines linking the holy city of Karbala and Baghdad provinces and nearby provinces, because of their vital role to solve transportation problems.

5 - Establishing regular spaces for parking at the main entrances of the province equipped with all amenities.

6 - Work on the transfer of processions, which focused their service within the city to be at the external entrances, allowing greater opportunity for the movement of visitors.

7 - Establishing special roads of emergency situations for the passage of wheels (ambulance - fire - and others) to ensure the speed of movement at the emergency events.

8 - Reducing the cooking in the vicinity of the holy shrine and be content with what the holy shrines provide for visitors.

9 - Coordination with the owners of Husseiniya processions not to be extravagant in cooking and not to throw food waste in the sewage and waste water for discharge to ensure non-stop and blocked.

10 - Organization the Husseiniya processions not to be random and to move away from being in the middle of the streets or in crowded areas or parks and public squares.

11 – Emphasizing the role of the media aimed at the transfer of the facts because of its importance in attracting many visitors coming from outside the country.

12 - Addressing the government to form a security force to provide security and protection for visitors.

13 – Holding many of the regular meetings between the two holy shrinesnot limited to times of visits only.

14 – Providing additional numbers of wheels specialist (Fire - ambulance - fuel - and cleaning).

15 – Forming mechanism of entry and exit of all wheels.

16 – Strengthening the security devices especially with sophisticated explosives detection and improvised to keep up with development carried out by terrorists in their operations and their use of materials that do not disclose some of the devices.

17 – Creating a private connections network to ensure the connection speed and ease, and asking the mobile phone companies to set up a system to run its lines during the visit in order to avoid interruption of communications, like what is happening in the pilgrimage season.

18 - Work to the advancement of the province's tourism by granting licenses for the establishment and development of hotels.

19 – Emphasizing the role of the clergy to increase the culture and awareness of the visitor.

At the end of the conference, the attendants evaluated the role of the two holy shrines in providing services to the visitors as food and treatment and allocating places for visitors. 

source : http://abna.ir
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