Sunday 2nd of October 2022
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on Jurisprudence and Law will be held in Qom

According to the reports by Shabestan news agency, the Islamic Research Center’s head of the Islamic council, Maulana Ahmed Moblighi, while addressing a press conference told the news writers about an upcoming conference on Jurisprudence and International Law in Qom. This will be attended by dignitary scholars from around the world. 

He said while pointing to the objective of the conference that its aim is to explore the interaction of Jurisprudence and Law and to bring the underlying ideas of Jurisprudence and legislation under discussion. He said that it is our point of view from the very beginning that the Islamic world have coherent objectives therefore the need of the day is to promote mutual discussions on knowledge, in order to learn each other’s ideas. 

Considering this need of current time, we are organizing this conference which will discuss the topic of jurisprudence and law.

source : http://shabestan.net
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