Friday 9th of December 2022
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Four day long International Islamic Women Police Conference begins in Pakistan

The International Islamic Women Police Conference began in Islamabad on Monday. It is also known as Gender Responsive Policing in the Islamic World.
 Inaugurating the four day conference Speaker National Assembly Dr. Fehmida Mirza said that it will serve as a milestone towards drawing more women in the law enforcement agencies at all levels and their increased number in the peacemaking.

The Speaker said since the return of Peoples Party Government significant legisltive measures are being taken through introducing women friendly legislation and policies.   One of the significant measure is dedicating a minimum of ten per cent job quota for women across the board.   

Speaking on the occasion German Ambassador Dr. Michael Koch said their cooperation with the Government of Pakistan in promoting good goverance is of strategic importance for Germany’s overall development in Pakistan.  He expressed pleasure that Gender Responsive Policing Project is taking strategic steps to extend the boundaries of police alliances beyond Pakistan.   

DG National Police Bureau Dr. Waseem Kausar in his presentation said that efforts are underway to improve the role and contribution of women in policing.

Delegates from  Islamic countries including Tajikistan, Turkey, Algeria, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Afghanistan, Iran, Indonesia, Iraq, Oman, and Egypt are taking part in this conference. 

source : http://abna.ir
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