Sunday 26th of June 2022
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Muslim Youths Used Cyberspace to Cover Islamic Awakening News

Since the first day of the Islamic uprisings in Arab countries, the youths of these countries made use of the cyberspace to spread news and reports about the uprisings. 

 This is according to Rasha Ashahid Ali, an Egyptian media activist and expert in cyberspace and social media networks. 

 She said the media outlets are two groups: those spreading discord and tension among nations and those reporting events without any prejudices or biases. 

 The media have a significant role in intensifying or reducing tensions and sensitivities, she underlined. “In fact, the media are means for people to learn about different events. However, some media outlets distort the truth, though people will ultimately know about their true color.” 

 Ms. Ashahid Ali noted that the cyberspace media’s role was important in covering the news of the revolutions in Arab countries, adding that the youth made very good use of the social networks and cyberspace to spread the events’ news. That in turn helped the spread of the uprisings. 

 Elsewhere in her remarks, she said some media outlets seek to spread religious conflicts among nations. “We need to mobilize all the material and spiritual capabilities of the Islamic media and organize our programs and activities to counter their onslaught. If we take the right path, we will be much more successful than the enemies’ media.” 

 Rasha Ashahid Ali who is a graduate in the field of commerce is a women’s rights activist and an expert in cyberspace and social networks.

source : http://abna.ir
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