Sunday 26th of June 2022
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Saudi plans anti-molestation law to protect women

Saudi Arabia is planning enacting stringent anti-molestation laws to protect women at work following a surge in the number of female employees and a royal decision to let them run in municipal and parliament election.

The Shura council (appointed parliament) has set up a committee to prepare a draft law “for the protection of women against sexual molestation”, which will then be presented to the cabinet and the King for approval.

“The committee comprises representatives from Shura and other departments to study the issue and draft a law to protect working women and ensure they are dressed decently at work,” the Saudi Okaz Arabic language daily said.

“The draft law is expected to cover definition of molestation and all offences that are classified molestation as well as the responsibility of employers to ensure protection for female workers and prevent molestation at work…it will also include criminal and administrative penalties in this respect and the need to designate the competent authorities to look into such cases.”

Saudi Arabia, the largest Arab economy and one of the most conservative Moslem nations, is gradually tearing down barriers to employment of women in jobs that have been until recently considered a taboo.

An aggressive job Saudization drive announced by the Gulf Kingdom early this year also targets the employment of thousands of women in several sectors.

The Shura move also followed a decision by King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia last week to allow women to join Shura and run in municipal elections.

source : http://abna.ir
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