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Opening Al Baqee Site in Al Abbas Holy Shrine

The technical staff in Internet Division in al Abbas Holy Shrine established al Baqee website. There was a ceremony for this occasion on Tuesday, 6 Shawwal 1432, 06/09/2011 AD, with the anniversary Eighty-eight of destruction of the graves of Baqee. 

 The ceremony was attended by Secretary General of al Abbas Holy Shrine, sayyd Ahmed al Safi, board members and heads of departments, representatives from offices of religious authorities and the Holy Shrines; al Alawia, Husseiniya and Kadhimiya, as well as representatives from the Technical Committee for the reconstruction of al Askeri Holy Shrine, also a number of religious, cultural, academic and media figures.

 More than 15 Iraqi and Arab satellite channels, as well as broadcast media and print, also the media of al Hussein and al Abbas Holy Shrines attend to inform the ceremony. 

 The ceremony started with verses from the Holy Quran, followed by the word of secretariats of al Hussein and al Abbas Holy Shrines by Secretary-General of the Abbas holy shrine, sayyd Ahmed Al-Safi " media must take responsibility in the transferring of the facts, there are those who do not know the truth, he is looking for a trusted media, truth cannot be hidden, but may be delayed for some time but is essential for him to appear, and hence we established al Baqee site to shed light on this sad tragedy, and the injustice they faced." 

 Added "this Site cannot succeed unless there is collaboration, so we invite anyone who has information or documents concerning al Baqee, to be shown in this Site. Then followed with a historical poem by Mr. Ali al Safar about al Baqee. 

 The head of the intellectual and cultural affairs in al Abbas Holy Shrine sayyd Laith al-Musawi declared the efforts of Internet Division staff in establishing this Site. He showed that this site prepared in advance, the same case in Alkafeel. 

 Al Musawi during the ceremony claimed launching Alkafeel network "after the completion of Baqee site and obtaining accreditation from the Iraqi Journalists, so we announce, launching Alkafeel network, includes Alkafeel Site the official website of al Abbas Holy Shrine in three languages, the site of al Askaria Holy Shrine and radio Alkafeel for Muslim women, also the site of the Institute for Information Technology and skills development and al Baqee Site." 

 Explained "will be translated into other foreign languages, so as Alkafeel network to be an important reference point of intellectual historically and intellectually." 

 Added "this work was the result of three factors; the first is effort, the second skills, and overcome the obstacles by the General Secretariat of the Holy Shrine is the third." 

 Then the Site opened by the Secretary-General of al Abbas Holy Shrine, with explanation by Jasam al Seedi. Certificates distributed to the staff of the project. 

 The ceremony ended with mourning meeting about this sad occasion. 

 The aim of establishing this Holy Site is to shed the light on the holy bodies there.

To visit the site go to: 

source : http://abna.ir/
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