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Benefits of Ramadan

One of the five pillars of the religion of Islam is observing fast during the month of Ramadan. With this act, Muslims try to pay tribute to their Allah. It is duty of every Muslim to observe the fast of Ramadan. In the Holy Quran, the ritual of fasting has been described saying "O you who have believed, decreed up on you as fasting as it was decreed up on those before you that you may become righteous". 
At the same time, it is also believed that Allah does not accept the fasting of those who indulge themselves in evil deeds. 

It is usually seen that certain religious rituals are deeply based on their benefits to the human life. Fasting is one such ritual. Not only it prepares Muslims for the pious day of Eid-Ul-Fitr, but cleanses mind and body in every sense of the word. Following are some of the benefits of fasting: 


  • The lesser we eat the more body uses the stored fats. This way, it detoxify our body, thereby consuming more and more fats and cholesterol, which reduces the risk of heart blockage and high diabetes level and cholesterol level. 

  • Fasting helps us learn the art of self control and patience. It includes a mind exercise to curb the urge of satiate bodily desires. 

  • It increases the process of metabolism as well as healing process when it looks for energy from within. 

  • Research and studies show that fasting increases the life span of human beings. 

  • It is the best time to normalize your weight if you have extra flab.

These are the scientific benefits of the ritual of fasting. Almost all existing festivals in this world observe the ritual of fasting. Lent is a parallel period when fasting is observed by Christians as that of Ramadan. Other than Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and even Jewish people observe fast on various religious occasions. Such rituals make us different and superior to other creatures on earth. They give us the direction to lead a chaste life and gives us a chance to enlighten our minds. 

source : http://www.theeid.com
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