Thursday 20th of January 2022
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Mahdi (A.S.) will rise after a time of trials and tribulations

Mahdi (A.S.) will rise after a time of trials and tribulations He said: Abul Qasim Ja'far b. Muhammad b. Qawlawayh, may Allah bless him with mercy, reported to me from his father, from Sa'd b. Abdillah, from Ahmad b. Muhammad b. Isa, from Ibn Abi Umayr, from Abdullah b. Maskan, from Bashir al-Kannasi, from Abu Khalid al-Kabuli who said: Ali b. al-Husain, peace be upon him, told me: "O Abu Khalid, there will come a time of trials and tribulations, (descending) like a piece of dark night, from which no one will be safe, except the one holding the covenant of Allah. These people will be the guiding lights and the sources of knowledge, whom Allah will have saved from all the dark temptations. As if I see your master, rising above the hill of your Najaf destined for Kufa, with three hundred and some odd over ten men, Jibraeel on his right, Mikaeel on his left, Israfil ahead of him, and with him (is) the Prophet's standard, unfurled, to whichever people he aims with it, they are destroyed by Allah." Before the advent of Hujjat (AS) He said: Abu Bakr Muhammad b. Umar al-Je'abi - may Allah bless him with mercy, reported to me from Muhammad b. Musa al-Hazrami, who reported from Malik b. Abdillah b. Saif, who reported from Ali b. Mu'bid who reported from Ishtaq b. Yahya al-Ka'bi, from Sufyan al-Thori, from Mansur, from Rab'ee b. Harash, from Huzaifa b. al-Yaman, who said: I heard the Prophet, peace be upon him and his progeny, say: "Allah will distinguish His sincere servants and the pure ones, so that the earth is cleansed of the hypocrites and of those who have gone astray and their generations. Till such time, when there could be fifty women meeting a man, each asking: O servant of Allah, take me as a maid, O servant of Allah, give me refuge."
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