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Hazrat Abbas (AS)

what Hazrat Abbas (AS) did for Imam Husayn (AS) and how loyal and dedicated he was to the Imam (AS). The children will learn about his sacrifice and loyalty in the battle of Karbala as I speak about the day that he was martyred.
          The Prophet of Islam (SAW) told Hazrat Imam Ali (AS) that he would have a son named Husayn who will be martyred in the name of Allah and Islam; therefore Hazrat Imam Ali (AS) wanted to have a son other than Imam Husayn (AS) who could defend and protect Imam Husayn (AS) throughout the Imam's life. After Bibi Fatima (AS) died Imam Ali (AS) married Hazrat Ummul-Baneen (AS), the daughter of a brave Arab. Hazrat Abbas (AS) was told from childhood that he was to protect his brother the Imam and be loyal to him all his life. Although Hazrat Abbas (AS) was Imam Husayn’s (AS) half-brother, he would never call Imam Husayn (AS) "brother", he would call him "Maula" He called the Imam Maula up until the day of Karbala. Karbala was a day of judgment, a day of sacrifice, and a day of slaughter by the evil army of Yazeed.             
                That very hot, dry, and bloody day was when all the bodies were coming back to the tent
   one by one slaughtered and covered in blood. The camp at Karbala was surrounded by thousands of Yazeed’s soldiers.

Hazrat Abbas (AS) was sharpening his sword when his sister Umme Kulthoom (AS) came to him and said, "My brother, Imam Husayn is surrounded by enemies, what can I do Hazrat Abbas? Qasim is going to die instead of his father, Umme Lailah is sending her son Ali Akbar, Zainab is willing to sacrifice her sons and even Rabab is going to sacrifice her son Ali Asghar". Umme Kulthoom (AS) said, " Abbas I have no children", women are not permitted into they battlefield, who can I sacrifice", she said crying and crying. "Umme Kulthoom those who do not have children have slaves and they sacrifice their slaves. You have brought me up since childhood like a mother, I am your slave and I am ready to sacrifice myself on your behalf.

Hazrat Abbas (AS) was so loyal and so down to earth. He did not care about his name or his fame, but only about protecting his brother Imam Husayn (AS) and his honor. This is when Imam Husayn (AS) said to Hazrat Abbas (AS) when God gave out values, he gave Hazrat Abbas (AS) the value of loyalty.  Hazrat Abbas (AS) said that the value of loyalty was  only good enough if he could use it for Imam Husayn (AS). That day Imam Husayn (AS) prayed to Allah (SWT) to keep Hazrat Abbas (AS) with him in this life and the life hereafter.
     Hazrat Abbas (AS) got onto the horse and marched towards the Euphrates 
canal to get water for his beloved niece Sakina (AS). Hazrat Abbas (AS) tied the bottle to his banner. As he was heading towards the canal he was praying that he would succeed in getting the water. Finally he managed to get to the canal. He was very thirsty himself. The scorching sun was making him weak, but he did not even think about trying to drink a drop because he thought of his Maula Imam Husayn (AS). Even his beautiful horse would not drink any water.  Until the time that Sakina (AS) would not be able to drink, how could Hazrat Abbas (AS) even think of drinking? He filled the bottle and started heading back. The ruthless and heartless enemies first struck the bottle and it started leaking; Hazrat Abbas held it with his right arm. They struck his right arm and cut if off and then his left arm. Hazrat Abbas (AS) was very sad.  What could he do? Finally the enemies struck him on his forehead and he fell on to the ground fatally wounded. He was buried on that spot. The loyalty and bravery of Hazrat Abbas (AS) to Imam Husayn (AS) is an inspiration to all Muslim youths. 

source : http://www.almujtaba.com
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