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The Spring of the Favor of the Divine

The Miraculously Healed Person: Behbood 
The inhabitant of: Siakat
Type of Illness: Severely wounded in the war
Date of Being Miraculously Healed: The Night of Ashura 1366 Solar Hijrah.

In 1365 Solar Hijrah, the war operations of the brave fighters of Islam against the Baathist army of infidel Saddam started with the code of Ya Zahra! (A.S.) to the west of the Arvand River. The cry of "Allah O Akbar (God is the Greatest)!" had overfilled and perfumed the air of the war-front of Truth against falsehood.
The sound of the war weapons and the whistles of the bombshells and other war arms deafened ears.
Behbood, one of the fighters and participants in these operations, was severely injured by the hot pieces of the burst irons. He was transferred to field hospital and later on, he was moved to the Baqiyatullah Hospital to be hospitalized.
The period of hospitalization lasted for six months during which his attending doctors, Dr Tawfigh, and Dr Rad Mehr, spared nothing for them and did their best to cure his deep wounds.
On the night of Ashura, he began to whisper and murmur and cries in his bed in the hospital room and went on to pray and supplicates with God with love. Tears covered the expanse of his face.
He was sad and broken-hearted but he was overtaken by heavy sleep. In his dream, he found himself at the war front, where he had already been wounded seriously. A very tall date-palm appeared before him. So he went towards the tree. He saw a noble man in Arabic clothes along with his family members in the shade of the tree.
Seeing the gentleman, he decided to get back, but that great noble man called him and spoke to him in Persian. Behbood said, "Sir! I'm hungry and thirsty!" The noble men replied, Take this rod and shake the boughs of the date-palm to get some dates for yourself and for us."
He went towards the tree and shook the branches hard and gathered the dates fallen on the ground.
He took the dates to his master and offered them to him. The gentleman gave three of the dates to him ordering him, "Eat this date when you go away from us and give the other one to the wounded soldier lying over there by the river and keep the third on for your future use, when you are in danger!"
Giving his thanks to the noble man, Behbood departed from the gentleman. Then he acted according to his order. He ate the first date himself and after a while he felt completely filled. Then he went towards the wounded soldier lying wounded by the river. He wanted to help him to get up, but because he was too heavy for him to lift him up, he gave it up and continued his way.
Suddenly he heard a foot step from behind and he learned that somebody was chasing him. He accelerated his speed and reached the road side where he met the same master who was coming after him. Being terrified, he asked for help shouting, "Help me sir, please an enemy soldier is chasing me!"
The great noble man replied, "He is not an enemy soldier. The man who is coming after you is the very man to whom you offered a date."
What a great surprise, Behbood said, "When he was badly wounded and ill is it possible for him to follow me!"
The noble man replied, "Don't you recognize me?"
Behbood said, "No, Sir!" The noble man replied, "I am from Khurasan! I am Imam Reza (A.S.)."
Hearing this phrase, Behbood decided to drop himself at the foot of his master, but the Imam prevented to him in his dream.
The atmosphere of the hospital was filled with tears, moaning and cries. The call of "Ya Husain! Ya Reza!" of the sick person and of the hospital personnel filled the ears and they recited Salawat (Peace Be upon Muhammad (S.A.W.) and his Pure Progeny).
When his attending physicians came to him and examined him again. With great surprise, they found him healthy and safe and sound again!
Yes! He was healed through the favor and grace of Holy Imam Reza (A.S.), and was discharged from the hospital the next day.

source : http://www.abna.ir
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