Thursday 27th of January 2022
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Afghanistan: 39 Taliban militants killed in S Afghanistan

Afghan National Police backed by NATO-led forces eliminated 39 Taliban militants in Afghanistan's southern region on Friday, a statement of Interior Ministry released here Sunday said. 

"Afghan National Police backed by international troops launched an operation in Chanarto and Behzak areas of Uruzgan province bordering Shah Walikot district of neighboring Kandahar province on Friday as a result 39 militants were killed," the statement added. 

The statement added that combined forces also recovered 30 Kalashnikovs, four rocket-propelled grenades and five heavy machine guns during the operation. 

Taliban outfit fighting Afghan and NATO forces have yet to make comments. 

In separate operation, according to the statement, the combined forces arrested two militants in county's eastern Paktia province on Saturday. 

The Taliban outfit has vowed to intensify attacks this year in war-torn country. 

Militancy and conflicts have been on constant rise since spring onset as almost every day Taliban-linked insurgency and NATO-led military operations claim lives. More than 130 people including troopers, militants and civilians have been killing over the past one week. 

source : www.muslimnews.co.uk
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