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Existence of God

For bringing an end to terrorism in the whole world, it is essential to keep eye upon those countries and religions that have stopped or closed the doors of debate, discussion and dialogue and do not allow the books of the opposite sects to enter their territories.  They are actually profaning (disrespecting) and making the mind of the people to involve in terrorism by producing to them one-sided literature and propagating and preaching own nonsensical beliefs.  To achieve this goal at international level the most important thing is ‘love of God’, which will prove to be a strong deterrent (hindrance) To this end, if the hearts of the people are motivated towards the love of God then all the people will worship one God. Having one beloved (God) for the whole world people will be able to settle mutual differences and rifts and bury their hatchets forever.  Therefore, it is necessary and very important to disseminate (sow) knowledge and recognition of God on international level.  
Of course, all the important religions of the world believe in the love of God, which needs to be further strengthened in the hearts of people. Having one God to be worshiped and loved there is left no point in fighting with each other. 
In order to inculcate (implant) love of God in the hearts of people sufficient knowledge regarding recognition of God is to be provided. In reality, those who are devoid of love and the recognition of God, they commit crimes and advance in tempo (stroke, pulse) of terrorism.  
Therefore, it is fundamental responsibility of the United Nations and other important countries to educate people worldwide in the real recognition of God. 
Moreover, the Communist lobby, which still exists even today, also can be crushed (destroyed) with the help of this knowledge. 
The atheists, who deny the very existence of the Creator, say that there is no Creator of the cosmos, however, it is an automatic process, this means, cosmos (universe) has automatically come into existence and has grown without the help of anyone, or any Creator. If you ask the atheists, has the wristwatch, on our wrist, automatically come into existence? No one other then a fool will accept that the wristwatch came into existence automatically or it came into being without a creator.  The system of the watch is a brief and a simple one. When this small wristwatch, which has a non-complex system. This cannot come into existence automatically. Then how can one believe that the whole cosmos and Galaxies with the system so intricate (complex) and so wonderful and astonishing came into existence without a Creator. It does not appeal to mind and simply one can understand the stupidity of the person who does not perceive or does not accept the Creator of the cosmos. Nevertheless, reckoning (thinking) the large and enormous (huge) the whole cosmos we can consider a link and think how big, how great and how mighty is the Creator of the cosmos.  
If the atheists, after having perceived the fact, do not accept the Creator of the universe then they are considered or thought to be fools. These atheists believe the matter to be the Creator of the universe. However, if matter is considered to be God then it has certain limitations, for example it has got no sense, no intelligence. Since the man is endowed (flourished) with intelligence, then how can the non-intelligent and senseless matter be the Creator or master of the man having intelligence and wisdom?  
At least three characteristics (condition) are supposed to be possessed by a creator. First of all, he must have the absolute knowledge of the thing to be created. Second, he should have strength and power to do so. Third, the creator must have will power and determination for creation. Whereas matter is devoid of these characteristics as it does not have determination or will power, absolute knowledge and power or strength to maintain itself in one uniform shape (form). 
As matter does not have the ability to maintain itself in one unit or form then how can it control such a big and enormous universe?  
Those who believe matter as the creator are similar to the idolaters who accept idols as their Creator, Lord and Master thinking they can give them benefit and loss.
In this connection, we cite an incidence of a companion of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him and his progeny) Abuzar Ghaffari who saw, one day, the idol worshippers sitting outside the temple, their worship place, the idolators were looking very upset, down dishearten and disappointed.  Abuzar inquired the cause of their being disheartened and upset, they answered, ‘an unfortunate dog has urinated on our god, the idol, due to which we are very down hearted’. Hazrat Abuzar smiled and told them vividly (sharply), ‘whom you consider as God cannot protect himself from the urination of a dirty dog so how can it protect you and deliver you to safety? Or how can it give you benefit? Therefore, those who think or consider the senseless and unintelligent matter to be creator are fools, because senseless matter can never be creator of an intelligent being like humans. 

source : Book. how to overcome on terrorism/ written by Syed Jan Ali Kazmi
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