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First Aligarian and a Muslim to Run for Texas House of Representative, USA Elections 2010

imageALIGARH Muslim University has produced many great public figures in the past who have served in high positions throughout India, and in several Asian and African countries, but none in America. It is for the first time that an Aligarian scientist and entrepreneur, Dr. Masarrat Ali has decided to fill this void in the most powerful country of the world. He has been nominated as an official candidate of Barack Obama's Democratic Party to run for the House of Representatives elections in Texas, the 2nd largest state of USA in both population and size. Texas economy is equivalent to India and Canada. It is a great pride for all of us that Dr. Ali will add one more jewel to the crown of AMU after winning this seat. Dr. Ali has immigrated to USA more than 25 years ago and now resides in San Antonio, Texas for more than 15 years.

We know Dr. Ali in his many roles as the past President of the Federation of the Aligarh Alumni Associations 
www.aligs.org ; as the person responsible for digitizing the entire collection of books written by and on Sir Syed www.sirsyedtoday.org . The project is the first and largest project dedicated to Sir Syed. The website has more than 110,000 pages of historical documents related to Sir Syed, MAO College, and AMU History. It is destined to spur renewed interest in Sir Syed and Aligarh Movement. All digitized content is freely accessible. Dr Ali has also founded Children Education and Civic Center www.mcecc.com  in San Antonio, Texas, USA, to provide educational opportunities to younger generation and involve them in civic and political activities. He is co-founder, current vice-President and President-elect of the first major Muslim political organization in America. The American Muslim Democratic Caucus www.am-mdc.org . AMDC is dedicated to promoting the involvement of Muslim Americans in the Democratic Party for the benefit of all Americans.

Dr. Ali is a product of Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, India. According to his contemporaries and friends, he was and has remained a very humble, down to earth, and caring friend. His intelligence and hard work earned him a gold medal in M.Sc. Biochemistry. He completed Ph.D. at CDRI Lucknow, India and later worked at University of Paris, France, University College London, England, LSU Medical Center, New Orleans, and Univ. of Texas Health Science Center, USA. In his journey of successes as a top notch scientist, he has published over 50 papers in world renowned journals like Science, JBC etc. In 1993, Dr. Masarrat established a biotech company in San Antonio,USA named Alpha Diagnostic Intl 
www.4adi.com ,  which is now regarded as one of the largest and most successful biotechnology companies in Texas as their products are used all over the world. He is also President and CEO of another biotech company, Genemed Synthesis Inc. www.genemedsyn.com  that is engaged in proteomics and genomics. Dr. Ali has been recognized as a business leader in Texas and awarded Ronald Regan Gold Medal award in 2003.

Throughout his career, Dr. Ali has remained closely attached to AMU and India and kept the community issues close to his chest. It is our turn now to help him achieve one more laurel for the entire Muslim community of the world and his Alma Mater, the Aligarh University, India. I urge all the friends to support the candidature of Dr. Masarrat to represent the Texas House of Representatives from its District #122.

I further urge you to visit his website at www.AliForTexas.com , register as his supporter and donate within your means towards his campaign. I would further request you to ask your friends to do the same through Facebook  and registering as supporter of Dr. Ali's political campaign. Democratic primary election is scheduled for March 2010 and the final election in November 2010.

source : www.dailymuslims.com
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