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.Ayatullah Syed Taqi Tabatabai Qummi

31.Ayatullah Syed Taqi Tabatabai Qummi

" All Ahle Emaan-o-Walayat should have knowledge that the azadari of Ghareeb-e-Karbala (AS) and other Ahle Bayt-e-Ismat (AS) with all its forms and marasim: majalis, noha khoani, seena zani, zanjeer zani, and talwar zani is not only legal but also a source of reward.
By virtue of performing azadari, reward and Allah's pleasure is being achieved. Azadari rites are sha'a'ir-e-deeniya and Maktab-e-Syed-Ul-Mursaleen (peace of Allah be upon Him and His Aal)."

32.Ayatullah Syed Mehdi Mar'ashi

"Azadari of Syed-e-Konain (lord of two worlds) is a kind of angelic lights. It has been, and will remain a source of integrity of shia school of thought, development of deen-e-mubeen, promotion of commands of Khatim ul Anbia(peace of Allah be upon him and his progeny), propagation of mazhab-e-jafariya in the Islamic world, establishment of justice and equity, opposition of tyranny and oppression, and annihilation of oppressor."

33.Ayatullah Nasir Makaram Sherazi

"Azadari of pashwa'e Hurriyyat (guide of freedom), Salaar-e-Qafla (leader of the caravan), Talib-e-Shahadat (desirous of martyrdom) Hazrat Imam Hussain (AS) and his companions who sacrificed each and every thing in the battle of Haq and Baatil in Karbala and preferred the red death of martyrdom than the black and dark life of disgrace, is a duty from among the duties of muslim ummah."

34.Ayatullah Al Uzma Syed Muhammad Raza Barojurdi

"Whatever has been written by Ayatullah Na'eni in connection with Azadari and marasim-e-Azadri is Haq (right) and correct. Ahle Emaan should take every practical step in this connection. All kinds of Azadari are a source of development of sacred deen Islam; even such Quma Zani is also legal which doesn't cause harm. The people who do not give importance to Azadari-e-Imam Hussain (AS) and Ahle bayt (AS), their Emaan (faith/belief) is declining".

35.Ayatullah Syed Muhammad Mehdi Moosavi Khalkhali

"Performing the rites of Azadari: to hold majalis-e-aza, perform seena zani, quma zani, and bring the processions out on the roads and feed the azadaars is the respect of sha'a'ir Allah and revival of Aaimmah Ahle Bayt (AS)'s sacred mission. To commemorate Aaimmah Ahle Bayt (AS) whether it is under the title of Azadari or lamentation, is the life of religion and hatred to oppression .The effects of majalis-e-aza in the existence of Islam are evident till today."

36.Ayatullah Aaqa'e Haaj Sheikh Jawad Tabrezi

"Azadari of Aal-e-Muhammad (progeny of Hazrat Muhammad PBUH&His Aal) is from among the mustahab aamal (desireable deeds). These are the best means to promote Islam and to give public, awareness with the facts and realities of Islamic history." 

37.Ayatullah Syed Hassan Moosavi Khadmi Asfahani, Principal Hoza-e-Ilmiya, Asfahaan

"Azadari of Hazrat Imam Hussain (AS) is the most important of sha'a'ir-e-deeniya. Wonderful reward has been promised for azadari because shahadat-e-Imam mazloom (AS) is a maktab-e-fikr and a lesson." 

Hujjatul Islam Wal Muslemeen Syed Murtaza Feroze Abadi

"Marasim-e-aza like seena zani are being in practice since centuries in shi'aan-e-Ahle Bayt. All research and non-research scholars have termed these legal. Neither heard before nor would in future that ulema from shias have termed these marasim-e-azadari illegal or unlawful. Suppose if any one has opposed marasim-e-azadari because of his perversity in his faith (aqeeda). There number is as much rare as if they do not exist. Such number or such people do not possess any importance.
Whoever raise a question or argue about istehbaab of azadari-e-Imam Hussain (AS) in the present day world, do it understand that there's something wrong with his deen, lineage and nobility or he has lost his head and gone mad.
As far as zanjeer zani or talwar zani is concerned-----its legality is conditional. If there is no fear of death then it is definitely and certainly lawful. In this connection deed of Musafara-e-Shaam Hazrat Saani-e-Zahra, Zainab (AS) is from mutawateraat in which she wounded her forehead by hitting it on choob-e-mahmal (wood of camel's saddle) and the blood was flown out of her holy forehead. This deed of Masooma (AS) is an evident proof of legality of taking the blood out in azadari.
With the mentioned conditions there exist no evidence for the unlawfulness of khanjer zani. If there appears a doubt, in this condition the original hukam will be of hilliyyat (legitimacy). As far as this argument is concerned that there is a doubt of death so it is haraam, this is absolutely irrelevant and baatil. That's why it has been said that this deed should be performed with out harm and fear of harm.
And to take the blood out to this extent that face and head become coloured with it, is a source of reward rather a kind of marasim-e-aza."

38.Ayatullah Muhammad Fazil, Hoza-e- Ilmiya, Qumm

" All azadari rites are the protectors of sacred qayaam of Imam-e-Mazloom (AS). The first and last objective of Imam Hussain (AS)'s qayaam (coming out) was only the revival of Islam .as just as the foundation of Islamic revolution of Iran is under obligation to azadari rites, in the same manner the development and promotion of this revolution will be achieved through azadari and rites of azadari." 

39.Ayatullah Jafer Subhani Tabrezi,Qumm Al Muqaddisa

"Azadari-e-Imam Hussain (AS) is one of those Islamic mustahabbat, which have been emphasized by our guides and leaders of religion. Rites of azadari are the protector of the goal of Imam-e-mazloom (AS), the goal which is the creator of revolutions." 

40.Ayatullah Muhammad Karmi

"Marasim-e-Azadari, being performed in connection with the great sacrifices of Hazrat Imam Hussain (AS), are sha'a'ir Allah and obligatory in every period and at every place. Publicizing the mazloomiyat-e- Imam (AS) to this extent that Arsh-e- Iqtadaar (throne) of disobedient and headstrong be shaked and trembled is extremely necessary." 

41.Ayatullah Muslim Malkooti Saraabi

"Azadari of Hazrat Imam Hussain (AS) which is one of great sha'a'ir-e-mazhabia, has become a particular sign of Mazhab-e- Haqqa. It would not be improper and wrong to say that the existence of shia maslak without any change and modification up till now, and the protection of Usool and Faru, are under obligation to these Marasim-e-Aza (azadari rites) and Azadari-e-Ghareeb-e- Karbala (AS)." 

42.Ayatullah Hussain Noori, Qumm Al Muqaddisa

"Azadari rites are commendable and praiseworthy rather a source of reward. It is necessary for the whole Muslim ummah not only to observe this bloody incident of Aashoor every year but refresh it every moment so that the weak and have nots of this Maktab-e-Fikr be embraced with the freedom of fikr-o-amal (thinking and deed)." 

43.Ayatullah Murtaza Ha'eri Yazdi

"Lamentation over Ghareeb-e-Karbala (AS) is from zarooriyaat-e-mazhab (requisites of deen)." 

44.Ayatullah Mustafa Etamaadi

"Azadari of Syed-ush-Shuhada (AS) is a true path and divine fountainhead of bounty. Its legality is quite clear, evident and unambiguous in any form and condition. Protection of this heavenly reality is obligatory." 

45.Ayatullah Muhammad Taqi Jaffery Tabrezi

"Azadari and Marasim-e-Azadari is a voice of expression of hearty feelings. Hussaini days have been the jhoomar (beauty) of history's forehead in the name of defending the honour of Islam." 

46.Ayatullah Syed Mehdi Lajwardi

"Those who taunt Azadari-e-Imam Hussain (AS) are living in the heaven of fools. They are the enemies of deen and shariat and are wearing the tauq of curse of the true guides of Quran and Deen-e-Haq." 

47.Ayatullah Mustafa Noori Ardbeli

"Hazrat Imam Hussain (AS) is a standard bearer of freedom of thought, rather a divine representative and from Ashaab-e-Kisa (peace of Allah be upon them), in respect of whom Aaya-e-Tatheer was revealed. Beams of Hazrat Imam Hussain (AS)'s qayaam are a lesson for whole Islamic world. Whole world should find out its way in the light of these beams and rays." 

48.Ayatullah Abdullah Majeed Faqeehi Barojurdi

" To hold majalis, feed in masumeen's love, recite hymns, perform seena zani, zanjeer zani, wear black mourning dress, matam on fire, to take the blood out, all marasim-e-aza are from among the sha'a'ir Allah (signs of Allah). And to respect sha'a'ir Allah is piety."

49.Ayatullah Aaqae Sheikh Abu Talib Tajleel

"Azadari of Hazrat Imam Hussain (AS) is the very foundation of shia school of thought as well as honour of sha'a'ir Allah. To hold majalis-e-aza and lament over His (AS)'s great sufferings reflects the love with The Holy Prophet (peace of Allah be upon Him& His Aal)." 

50.Ayatullah Aaqae Haaj Syed Hussain Moosavi Karmaani

"All effectiveness of karbala is due to the name of Hazrat Imam Hussain (AS) and it is Qayaam-e-Hussaini which gave life to deen. To hold majalis-e-aza and perform marasim- e-aza is the most important amar from among the amoor-e-deen." 

51.Ayatullah Mohsin Haram Panahi, Qumm Al Muqaddisa

"Aza-e- (to mourn) Hazrat Imam Hussain (AS) is the respect of sha'a'ir (signs), the revival of deen and the promotion of shariat." 

53.Ayatullah Syed Muhammad Ali Kazmaini Barojurdi

"Marasim-e-Aza (azadari rites) are not only mustahab (desirable) rather they are obligatory.
Lamentation, performing zanjeer zani, seena zani and wearing black mourning dress-----the arguments of their legality not only exist but many proofs of their inclination are also there. Seerat-e-jariya of Ulema-e-Aalaam is an evidence of marasim-e-aza's istehbaab (being desireable). The most important evidence of legality of marasim-e-aza is the deed of Hazrat Zainab-e-Kubra (AS) who wounded her holy forehead and the blood came out of it". 

54.Ayatullah Abbas Mahfoozi Gilani

"Majalis-e-Aza are the revival of Mission-e-Aal-e-Muhammad (peace of Allah be upon Them). These are the majalis which have been giving us protection since centuries." 

55.Ayatullah al Uzma Syed Mirza Abdul Haadi Sherazi

"Whatever has been mentioned by Qaddas sarrahu, Ayatullah Na'eni are correct. God willing (insha Allah)"

56.Ayatullah al uzma Syed Mahmood Ash Shahroodi

"Whatever has been written by our buzurg Allama Na'eni (Qaddasallahu turbatahu Az zakia) in reply of Question, is Haq and confirmed to us."

57.Ayatullah Sheikh Muhammad Hussain Muzaffar

"Whatever Ayatullah Na'eni has written is certainly correct and He is Allah who grants Taufeeq (help)".

58.Ayatullah al Uzma Sheikh Muhammad Kazim Sherazi

"Fatwa (verdict) of Ayatullah Na'eni is right and accurate".

59.Ayatullah al Uzma Syed Jamal Ud Din Moosavi Gulpaygani

"Whatever Ayatullah Na'eni has written in this warqa is correct and according to our opinion".

60.Ayatullah Al Uzma Syed Hussain Hamami Moosavi

"The fatwa being given by our sheikh (chief) Ayatullah Na'eni is legally correct. God willing (Insha Allah)".

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