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International Seminar on Muslim Minorities in Europe & India

International Seminar on Muslim Minorities in Europe & India

--An international seminar called "Negotiating and Accommodating Religious Identity in Public Arena: Comparing Indian and European Experiences with Special Reference to Muslim Minorities" will be held 10-12th February 2010 at Jamia Millia Islamia University in New Delhi, India.

Europe today is facing new challenges of cultural and religious diversity. Muslim immigrants constitute the most important aspect of this diversity. Multiculturalism has emerged as a dominant discourse to deal with this challenge. India has historically lived with cultural and religious diversity but is facing new challenges in managing this age-old diversity since it launched the project of creating a nation-state after its independence.

The focus of this seminar proposal is to undertake a comparative study of the approaches to accommodation of cultural and religious diversity in Europe and India. The seminar will reflect in what ways both India and Europe can learn from each-other experiences in ‘negotiating and accommodating’ the religious identity of minorities, particularly the Muslims, in public arena.

More information about the seminar and its program can be found at the Jamia Millia Islamia website, at http://www.jmi.nic.in/index.htm.



Source: www.digitalislam.eu

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