Sunday 2nd of October 2022
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Quranic Software More Effective for Kids than Books

Quranic Software More Effective for Kids than Books

--An Iranian software producer believes that computers are fascinating to kids and are thus more effective in teaching Quran to them, compared with the book-oriented methods.

Mohsen Ahmadi, managing director of Nikan Asia Information Technology Company made the comment in an interview with IQNA.


“Children easily make relation with computers and software. So appealing software will greatly be encouraging for them in learning Quranic contents,” he said.


He opined that enough religious and Quranic books, references and software are available for adults. "Now, it's time to produce more software for kids."


Ahmadi criticized the Quranic and religious software currently available for what he called "being superficial" and for bearing repetitive themes.


He also criticized them for having a low-level quality which he blamed on financial problems.

Ahmadi called on the ministry of culture, as the reference body, to make more efforts in allocating the budget required to produce high-quality Quranic software.



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