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The Ma’soom Imam

The Ma’soom Imam

If we want to get acquainted with the great personality of a Ma’soom

Imam, it is necessary for us to refer to some of the hadith that elucidate the

station of the Imam alayhis-salam in the view of Allah Almighty, as well

as his creative and legislative position.

Commenting about the Qur’anic verse, {and he to whom wisdom is

granted receives indeed a benefit overflowing}26 Imam Sadiq alayhis-

24 Abstract of lecture by Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Muhammad Shirazi

25 The Holy Qur’an, 3: 169.

Husayn – The sacrifice for mankind


salam said; “(This is) obedience of Allah and gaining knowledge about the


Also commenting about the Qur’anic verse, {Say: "Do you see; if your

water (supply) seeps away, who then can supply you with clear-flowing

water?"}27 Imam Kadhem alayhis-salam said, “If your Imam disappears

from you, then who will bring you another Imam?”

In another hadith from Imam Ridha alayhis-salam, he said, “. . . the Imam

is the trustee of Allah amongst His creation, His proof and evidence upon

His servants, His viceroy on His land, the herald to Allah, the defender of

the commandments of Allah . . .”

The Ma’soom Imam has been chosen by Allah Almighty to represent Him,

since he has a significant position in the sight of Allah. The lofty station

that the Ma’soom has attained is beyond our comprehension. Addressing

the significance and superiority of the Ma’soom Imam, Imam Ridha

alayhis-salam said, “who can attain the full knowledge and understanding

of the Imam, or who can choose an Imam? How impossible! The

intellects went astray, the minds were confused, the eyes were blurred, the

great men were belittled, the wise were bewildered, the eloquent failed to

describe one aspect of his characteristics, or one virtue of his many virtues,

and admitted their failure to do so, . . .”

So through these noble hadith and many more like them, it is possible for

us to appreciate certain aspects of the personality and station of Imam

Husayn alayhis-salam, and his closeness to Allah Almighty, and his role

in leading and guiding the community of mankind. Thus if we wanted to

reach the divine mercy, and attain the bliss and felicity of this world and

the hereafter, then we must certainly follow the foot steps of Imam Husayn

alayhis-salam, move according to the course he devised for future

generations with his pure blood. Of course the same is true for other

Ma’soomeen alayhum-as-salam, but here we are talking about and

focusing on Imam Husayn alayhis-salam.

Imam Husayn alayhis-salam is distinguished amongst other martyrs and

revolutionaries by characteristics that excel all other martyrs; he became

the master of all martyrs – from the first to the last – and this is not

because he is a Ma’soom Imam, nor is it because he is the grandson, and

the beloved one of Rasulollah (the Messenger of Allah) salla-llahu-alayhi-

26 The Holy Qur’an, 2: 269.

27 The Holy Qur’an, 67: 30.

A glimpse from the ray of Imam Husayn


wa-aalih, but it is because of the majesty of the aims for which he started

his revolution, the immensity of the sacrifice that he offered, and the

perfection he achieved in various dimensions. This is why the particular

emphasis is made by Ahl-ul-Bayt alayhum-as-salam on establishing and

upholding the Husayni Sha’a’er28, and the salute and visitation of Imam

Husayn alayhis-salam.

Hadith on the Virtue of Imam Husayn

There are many hadith about the station and position of Imam Husayn

alayhis-salam. Rasulollah salla-llahu-alayhi-wa-aalih is reported as

saying, “he who want to see the one inhabitant of the Earth who is most

beloved by the inhabitants of the skies, he should look at Husayn”.

Rasulollah salla-llahu-alayhi-wa-aalih is also reported as saying, “Truly

Husayn is one of the gates to Paradise; he who opposes him, Allah would

deny him even the scent of Paradise”.

Perhaps only this hadith is sufficient so as not to mention any more hadith

about the station of Imam Husayn alayhis-salam.

There are many hadith narrated from the Ahl-ul-Bayt alayhum-as-salam

with regards to establishing the Husayni Sha’a’er. Imam Sadiq alayhissalam

is quoted as saying, “He whose eyes fill with tears when we are

mentioned to him, Allah would bar his face from fire (of Hell)”. And can

you imagine what would be the reward for he who weeps for Imam

Husayn alayhis-salam, who is Sayyid-ul-Shuhada (Master of the Martyrs)

and Qateel-al-‘Abarah (the murder victim who brings tears to the eyes).

Imam Mahdi may Allah hasten his return in his salute – known as Zeyart

Nahiyah – to Imam Husayn alayhis-salam declares,

“Peace be to he in whose torbah (the soil of the burial site) Allah has made

the cure (for every disease),

Peace be upon he under whose dome prayers are answered,

Peace be upon he whose descendents are the Imams, . . . ”

From the above alone, only the first statement is sufficient (his torbah

being cure for every disease) to show the divine miracle in the matter, and

28 Sha’a’er means programs of commemorations.

Husayn – The sacrifice for mankind


if this proves anything it points towards the position and station of Imam

Husayn alayhis-salam.

Companions of Imam Husayn

One other aspect that distinguished the movement of Imam Husayn

alayhis-salam amongst other movements throughout history is the

distinguished virtue of his companions, who were martyred alongside him,

to the extent that Imam Husayn alayhis-salam said,

“I do not know of companions and family members more faithful and

devoted than my companions and family members”

One of the greatest of the martyrs of Karbala is Abul-Fadhl al-Abbas

alayhis-salam, the son of Imam Ali alayhis-salam and his mother is Ummel-

Baneen. Abul-Fadhl has many virtues and qualities, and has shown

many miracles, which point to his station, and closeness to Allah

Almighty. Imam Zayn al-Abidin alayhis-salam has said about al-Abbas


“May Allah have Mercy upon my uncle al-Abbas ibn Ali, for he favoured

his brother over himself, showed extreme courage, and sacrificed himself

for his brother, such that both of his hands were cut off. Thus Allah

replaced them with two wings, with which he flies with the angels in

Paradise, just as He gave Ja’far ibn Abi Talib. In the Sight of Allah al-

Abbas has a station and position that all martyrs would envy on the Day of


Furthermore, al-Abbas alayhis-salam is known as Baab-al-Hawa’edge or

the “Gate of Needs” to Allah Almighty, and this in itself is a manifestation

of martyrs being alive by their Lord, such that people use their Light after

their martyrdom, and the people plead to them to fulfil their needs.

The Day of Ashura

There are days that are turning points in the course of history and in the

direction of life on Earth, and one of the most important of those days is

the day of Ashura. Just as the 27th of Rajab – the day of Mab’ath or First

Revelation to Prophet Muhammad – forever changed the course of history

and life on Earth, and just as Rasulollah salla-llahu-alayhi-wa-aalih

planted the seeds of Islam and Iman in the hearts of the people, the day of

Ashura and the sacrifice of Imam Husayn alayhis-salam returned Faith or

A glimpse from the ray of Imam Husayn


Iman to the hearts of the people and restored the image of Islam which the

evil hands tried to distort and destroy.

When the pagans of Quraysh asked Rasulollah salla-llahu-alayhi-wa-aalih

to forego his mission and his call for the oneness of Allah in exchange for

all that he wished for in terms of wealth and position, Rasulollah sallallahu-

alayhi-wa-aalih replied,

“By Allah if they were to put the sun in my right hand and the moon in my

left, for relinquishing this cause, before Allah establishes it or I die, I

would not abandon it”.

Just as Rasulollah salla-llahu-alayhi-wa-aalih showed his resolve and

steadfastness in his mission, Imam Husayn alayhis-salam manifested his

resolve on a number of occasions in Karbala, which would never be

forgotten by the passage of time. For example at noontime on the day of

Ashura, one of the companions said it is prayer time as it is now noontime,

Imam Husayn alayhis-salam said, “Yes it is”, and he led the noon prayers,

despite the raging battle and the ferocity of his enemies. Thus at the most

pressing and dangerous times Imam Husayn alayhis-salam did not

relinquish even one of the obligations of Allah Almighty, and he took this

stance to emphasise the importance of protecting the sanctity of the divine

obligations, establish and uphold the Islam and its laws and teachings. In

the Zeyarat (Salutation) of Imam Husayn alayhis-salam one reads, “I

hereby testify that you upheld the prayers, paid the Zakat, enjoined on

good, and forbade evil”. The day of Ashura is the day that teaches us how

to straighten and perfect our way of life in this world, and how to match it

to the Syrah or the way of life of Imam Husayn alayhis-salam, who

sacrificed everything he had for the sake of Enjoining Good, Forbidding

Evil, and upholding the duties of Islam, implementing its teachings, and

adhering to Ahl-ul-Bayt alayhum-as-salam.

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