Saturday 20th of January 2018
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Imam Sadjad (A.S) and Gnostic Supplications

Imam Sadjad (A.S) and Gnostic Supplications

Imam Sadjad (A.S) began making gnostic supplications to safeguard the culture of Ashura. This shows his deep insight and good understanding of the time. His supplications have been collected in such valuable books as Sahifeh Sadjadiyeh, Khamsah Ashar Supplications, Abu Hamzeh Thamali Supplications, daily supplications, etc.

Imam Sadjad (A.S) used supplications to express his views at a time the society was full of deviants and the rulers were politically, ethically and socially corrupt. There was no political freedom, but Imam Sadjad (A.S) could create a public move toward true worshipping of God and gaining Islamic wisdom. Although his supplications were religious in nature, people could read in between the lines and understand about his political views as well.

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