Monday 17th of December 2018

Professor Hussein Ansarian: behavior in relationship

Unfortunately, when people's relationship is less friendly and more formal with someone, they tend to respect them more and observe their rights more. This is also true about friendly relationship; at the beginning of friendship, respecting and observing each other's rights are more conspicuous, but when intimacy and cordiality increase, observing one another's rights is reduced.  However, when the relationship gets friendlier, more rights need to be observed, and more attention should be paid to respecting the rights of each other. The dimensions of this issue will expand in relationship with your spouse, because one has the most socialization and interaction with their spouse. Unfortunately, some people are friendly and good-tempered with their friends, co-workers and their relatives but the time they step in the house they become too bad-tempered and disagreeable with their family members.

source : erfan.ir
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