Monday 18th of December 2017
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Professor Ansarian: Equality of the faith and deeds of men and women for Allah.

Professor Ansarian pointed out about the word of Allah about the women and said: the word of the lord of the universe is this that the women can cause the destruction and corruption of my servants by their actions and deeds and they will have no answer for me on the day of resurrection. Allah Almighty has the same word for the youths and men of the society that they too can be reason for the corruption and perversity of the women of the society and will have no answer on the day of resurrection. Allah has never taken one side. In some verses, Allah blames the wicked and malicious men and in some other verses blames the women. But in some verses Allah also says: "The faith and actions of woman, the faith and actions of man are equal in my scale, and in paradise there is no difference between men and women; it is not like this that I underestimate the deeds of the women and their faith and overestimate the deeds and faith of men. I assess both of you the same for paradise. One of the verses that shows the equal assessment of Allah is the following verse «مَن عمل صالحاً من ذکر أو انثی» “Whoever commits evil deeds will be recompensed to the same degree. The righteously striving believer, male or female, will enter Paradise wherein they will receive their sustenance without any account being kept”.In the field of righteousness and faith, there is no difference between men and women.

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