Monday 16th of July 2018

Professor Ansarian: Divine Physicians used to look after the patients and cried for them.

Professor Ansarian: Divine Physicians used to look after the patients and cried for them.

Professor Ansarian pointed out about the divine spiritual doctors and said: Every 124 thousand divine prophets and twelve Infallible Imams were highly sympathetic toward the patients and were neither inimical to them nor hold any grudges with them. We do not know and physical doctor who has cried for the death of his patient, the ultimate thing they do is issuing and license for burial, but we know the spiritual doctors have cried for their patients who have perished. The commander of the faithful, Imam Ali(AS) wept for the death of the enemies after the end of the battle of Jamal, and his cry was right; because all those people who fought with Imam Ali (AS) had claimed to be Muslims and that war was and civil war not a war with foreigners. The Jews and Christians were not waging war with the Imam, but the Muslims - ignorant and unaware Muslims - were fighting with the Imam; Imam cried because all those who were killed, were near the door of the Paradise but they returned and were taken to Hell. All these divine physicians and doctors cared about the patients and were sad about them.

source : erfan.ir

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