Monday 18th of December 2017
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Professor Ansarian: All creatures have a sense of consciousness, awareness and speech

Professor Ansarian said: It is explicitly used from the verse of the holy Quran which all creatures have a sense of intelligence, consciousness and speech; they are aware that they Praise Allah Almighty, that is to say, they count him devoid of any defect and flaw, and they have such a high oration and speech that they constantly and continually praise Allah Almighty.

Professor Ansarian stipulated: the Lord of the universe says in the surah of Noor: “He knows everyone's prayers and praising”, all the heavens and earth and whatever is between them have prayers and praising and they are aware of the prayers and praising; in other words, they know what they are doing, Allah, the creator of all beings and creatures, says: every single being or creature is conscious about Allah and has praising, prayers and they are also aware of their praise and prayers, in other words, they never act ignorantly.

Professor Ansarian went on to say that one the creatures that Allah Almighty created is light, he added: He is the creator of light- every light that exists in this universe whether it is visible or invisible that we do not know. This light is also a part of these two verses which are of praise and prayers through speech and this light is also aware of its praise and prayers through speech. “God, who has made everything speak, made us also speak.” this is me who makes everyone speak.

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