Wednesday 24th of January 2018
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Professor Ansarian:The thieves of the people’s properties do not believe in Allah and the day of Resurrection

Professor Ansarian:The thieves of the people’s properties do not believe in Allah and the day of Resurrection

Professor Ansarian said: sometimes, people ask me: why are there people in the governmental positions, in banking positions and other institutions who steal huge sums of money? I would say: they must steal and it is surprising if they don’t do so. They say: how come they steal such sums of money which is for the nation and all the people? I say: because they don’t believe in Allah and the day of resurrection. It was questionable and surprising If Shemr did not behead Imam Hussein, now that he has beheaded him, it is something natural, one who does not believe in Allah and the day of Resurrection and does not think that one day he will be asked for all he did and his deeds and actions will be taken into account can easily kill Imam, can easily steal billions of money which are for the ordinary people and the whole nation, he can do adultery with no fear of the consequences, he can drink wine, he can usurp people’s properties and can have illegitimate relationships with the women weather married or unmarried. But the one who believes in the day of resurrection is of great position after the divine prophets, in other word, according the Surah of Wagheah, they have the second greatest position of the universe:

«إِذٰا وَقَعَتِ اَلْوٰاقِعَةُ * لَیسَ لِوَقْعَتِهٰا کٰاذِبَةٌ * خٰافِضَةٌ رٰافِعَةٌ * إِذٰا رُجَّتِ اَلْأَرْضُ رَجًّا * وَ بُسَّتِ اَلْجِبٰالُ بَسًّا * وَ کنْتُمْ أَزْوٰاجاً ثَلاٰثَةً» ﴿الواقعة، 1-7﴾.

«When the inevitable event comes, no soul will deny its coming. It will abase some and exalt others, When the earth is violently shaken and the mountains crumbled, they will become like dust scattered around. On that day, you (mankind) will be divided into three groups: »

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