Thursday 19th of July 2018

Professor Ansariyan: The belief in resurrection changes the human perspective of the future

Professor Ansariyan: The belief in resurrection changes the human perspective of the future

DarolErfan/ the researcher, exegete and scholar of the holy Quran said: the belief in resurrection changes the one’s perspective about himself, his properties, his life and his future. The one who believes there is a resurrection after death and everything will be weighed and counted, according the news from Allah, the divine prophets and the infallible Imams peace be upon them, will live his life in a perfect way.

According to public relations and international affairs of the scientific and cultural institution DarolErfan, Professor Hussein Ansarian said in his lecture at the Husseinuieh of Niavaran, the issue of resurrection which has been revealed in 114 books of Allah Almighty and in the language of 124 thousand prophets as well as twelve Imams, is one of the most magnificent and most effective divine issues. The prescription of resurrection and the medicine of Allah and the divine prophets as well as the infallible Imams is the perfect one, because everything about the events of after life like those who enter the paradise and those who go to hell is mentioned, what matters the most is our belief about the day of resurrection, the day of resurrection is so certain and definite, and no other issue is so explicitly argued about like the day of resurrection in the holy Quran.

source : erfan.ir

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