Thursday 23rd of November 2017
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Professor Ansarian:The hellfire is the result of Allah’s hatred from the criminal servant

Professor Ansarian talked about believing the day of resurrection and said: all divine prophets used to have the same word with the people- I am afraid of the punishment of the day of resurrection, o people, o people of the society, I have no fear of myself, I was the servant of Allah, and I am right now and I will die being as a servant of Allah Almighty, I have not committed even a single sin so as to be afraid of its punishment, we are the divine prophets and we are infallibles and we did not commit any sins, if we say that we are afraid of the punishment of the day of resurrection or the grand day, in fact, we are afraid of the punishment that you will be afflicted by, this huge body of yours will have to cope with the hellfire and there is no way out of it. The holy Quran says; whoever enters the hell, then there is no way out of it. The commander of the faithful, Imam Ali peace be upon him says in the Kumail Supplication: the hellfire which is the result of Allah’s hatred from his sinner servant, if this fire is released, all the skies and earth cannot withstand it and all of them will be devastated. As a matter of fact, it is a punishment that all the skies and the earth withstand it.

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