Monday 20th of November 2017
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Professor Ansarian message on the occasion of disasters in Myanmar

He is the Avenger

The more you live, the more wonders life will show you

This is the sentence that Hazrat Zahra peace be upon her said at the meeting with the women of Medina at the time when all the rights of Ahlulbayt peace be upon them were looted on the day light, and the heavy threats and menaces frightened people, and people were easily killed and burned in fire alive and the rights of mankind had lost its value- she said: “the more you live, the more wonders life will show you!”

Nowadays the wonders are shown extensively and terms such as freedom, democracy, human rights and so on are overmastered and have covered captivity, tyranny, and unbelievable crimes. The human rights mean maintaining Israel, Wahhabism, ISIL, al-Qaeda and so on. Liberty means colonialism against the nations, and democracy means an absolute dictatorship. They destroy Yemen and kill men, women and innocent children by bombardment, and they ruin and destruct the Palestinians’ house, wealth and lives the worst way possible.

They murder thousands of people in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria While international institutions, including human rights organizations are not only silent but also back the oppressors.

The recent catastrophe in Myanmar which burned the people alive inside their houses, beheaded the woman, child and young and put bombs on their way so that they cannot escape can severely affect anyone,s heart, These crimes are committed by Buddhists which according to documented evidence they are not the indigenous to Myanmar, because the oppressed people of Myanmar were Muslims and they lived for several years before the Buddhists there, these crimes were carried out on them by Buddhists.

The Shias of Ahlulbayt peace be upon them respect and value the lives of all people, it is not important for the followers of Ahlulbayt peace be upon them that what kind of religion and school of thought those oppressed people had, the Shias condemn the crimes of the oppressors and hope to find a way so that he can save all the oppressed people from those beastlike people.

Woe unto the nations that claim being Muslims and they consider themselves to be Sunni but have not taken a step forward for the Sunni Muslims of Myanmar! Woe unto them, these governments and nations are the yes-men and slaves of the United States and Israel and they certainly have a share in the slaughters of Muslims and Islamic nations, they assist the Israel, they are the supporter of ISIS, in addition to the expensive presents, they give astronomical money and dollars to their great idol form the treasures of Muslims and they worship him- Donald Trump who is an insane, money worshiper and drinker and they try hard to make the Israel and Zionism happy and satisfied even at the expense of the destruction of the awakened Islamic nations.

According to the teachings of Ahlulbay peace be upon them, the Shiites consider the Muslims of other countries as their religious brothers and they know their lives, property and honor as theirs. Curse on   the nations and governments that are cruel and aggressive both to Shias and Sunnis! Curse on those Muslims claimants who kill millions of people in Yemen keep the alive ones in hunger and drug deprivation! Curse on those who have trained the ISIS! Curse on those who loot the treasures and Properties of Muslims! Curse on the government and the criminal army of Myanmar that is worse than Hitler! Curse on that heartless, cruel and criminal woman who rules the roast and govern in Myanmar and is totally deprived of motherly sense and emotional feelings! And curse on the masters of all of them- the United States, Israel and Britain, and the governments that back and support the oppressors. These are the wonders that this era shows us.

The reign of the government in most parts of the world are taken by people who are worse than the wolves, more fierce than lions and crueler than brutal animal of jungles and a bunch of idiots and beastlike people.

Allah,s blessings and mercy be upon the oppressed people of Myanmar, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and specially the defenders of the Holy shrines and greetings of Allah be upon those Muslims who steadfastly and firmly stand against the oppressive governments and under no circumstances are ready to give up their faith and religion.


And we complain to Allah Almighty

Hussein Ansarian

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