Monday 18th of December 2017
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Professor Ansarian: the diviine prophets and infallible Imams worships compared to ordinary servants of Allah

If Almighty Allah compare his humble servants with the divine prophets and the infallible Imams (peace and blessings of Allah be upon them) who are the greatest people in the path of serving and worshiping the Almighty Allah, his servants are definitely doomed to failure. in doing so, Allah Almighty measures one,s actions and good deeds according to his ability. The weak servant who says his prayers often with full attention and sometimes with no attention, or someone who avoids going to the mosque because keeping fast has taken away all his energy, or the one who wishes Allah would ask us to fast in the short days of winter, is not able to be present in the court of divine justice. Therefore, we must ask Allah to deal with his slaves with tolerance and ease, even when the death angel is commissioned to take away a person,s soul, he behaves with his servant like a kind father.

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