Thursday 22nd of February 2018
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Going beyond the border in worshiping

Going beyond the border in worshiping

Professor Ansarian:

Allah Almighty has not let human being to go beyond the border and exaggerate even in worshiping him; justice should be observed in worships as well; it means if your worships cause oppression to you or others, it is not counted worships even. So going beyond the limit of worship is also oppression.

Therefore, the one who is with truth and the truth is with him should not exceed the certain and defined amount in anything, otherwise the meaning of being with the truth and the truth being with him will not be correct.

For instance, the material requirement of human body to sport is undeniable, the one who exercises more than necessary has wronged himself as he would do the same by not exercising.

As eating less than usual is oppression, overeating is also a kind of oppression. Garrulity and excessive talkativeness is oppression, and being silence with no reason is also counted as oppression. Failing to observe the rights of your wife and children is oppression as wasting all opportunities of life and spending all your time with them can be a kind of oppression. 

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