Thursday 22nd of February 2018
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Takfiri cleric rapes young girl in Karachi

Musmah alleged that the cleric also threatened to kill her entire family if she disclosed the occurrence to anyone. “The cleric of the neighborhood mosque called for me and then raped me,” she said.

“He told me to keep quiet or else he would kill me along with my entire family,” Musmah added.

The alleged victim is a resident of Malir and also happens to be one of the students at the Madrassah (school).

The police have launched an investigation into the matter after a case was registered in this regard at the Alfalah Police station.

Sources say that before this incident, the residents had expelled the accused from cleric-ship of the mosque owing to two complaints of sexual assault with young boys.

Deobandis’ Wifaq-ul-Madaris, a central organization of the their seminaries, formed a committee to probe the complaints against Mufti Tariq a few months back.

The committee’s findings concluded that the accused should be expelled from all responsibilities of the mosque.

It's noteworthy to say that these actions are obscene in Islam (and actually whole world) and ِDeobandi Takfiris who are supported by Saudi Arabia have been committed several terrorist operations in Pakistan which led to death and martyrdom of hundreds innocent people.

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