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Best things in life

Best things in life

Every human being loves to know about the best things in life and act upon them because human’s instincts is like a sophisticated system which in addition of differentiating between good and bad is also keen to do good and stay away from bad. Due to committing sins and mistakes humans damage this system and cannot utilize it in normal ways. For this reason, revelations and the prophets have been sent to remove the impurities and bring to surface what is buried.
Referring to inner self and revelations are the best ways to find out about the best things in life because the Almighty has given this ability to human beings to differentiate between good and bad. Allah (S.W.T) said that each sin or misbehavior will damage human’s nature. Of course this system will not stop suddenly and sins cannot destroy it because it is designed in a way that it may change in shape but its base will remain. [Ayah 84, Surah Al-Asra].
In the Quranic culture this noble principle which never changes has been called human’s spirit [Ayah 85, Surah Al-Asra], human’s nature [Ayah 30, Surah Al-Room], Human’s ego [Ayah 7, Surah Al-Shams], and heart and so on. This main principle is ordained by the almighty [Ayah 72, Surah Al-Saa’d; Ayah 12, Surah Al-A’araaf; Ayah 14, Surah Al-Momenoon; Ayah 85 of Surah Al-Asra] and will not change fundamentally because humans cannot interfere in that system.
Imam Ali (A.S) said: Then God sent the prophets one after another for the people to find the treasures of their wisdoms [Sermon Number 1, Nahjul Balagha]. Imam Baqir (A.S) narrated a sermon from Imam Ali (A.S) who introduced the best of things and ways of obtaining them some of which will be outlined here in brief.

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