Friday 22nd of September 2017
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What is the origin of difference and dispute in the family from Quranic perspective?

Based on the verses of the holy Quran and narrations, one of the roots of dispute among spouses is lack of ethic, namely maybe the wife has moral vices and the husband is not like her. The married life of spouses should be like a gear wheel. The gear wheels should work and rotate smoothly. When either of the wheels is broken ethically, the wheel of the family is not working properly anymore and puts one in the rotation Immorality with no good reason. Or maybe the situation is the other way around- the man has moral vices and the woman has moral virtues and the man wants to wear the pants in the family, so this kind of man should act upon his values. If he cannot tell apart the vices and virtues and doesn’t know what is right or wrong he should ask the wise people and scholars, or maybe the man is extremely ill-tempered or the woman is also like him. If both man and woman have correct morality and imitate Divine morality, they encounter no problem, when the husband treat his wife with decent morality and ethic or the wife behave with her husband in a Islamic way, no dispute or quarrel happen in such a divine method. Understanding, love and affection create no differences. No conflict is cause by listening to the speeches of each other, the difference and disagreement are due to lack of morality and ethic.

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