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58 Pakistani Shia Muslims martyred in 2016

58 Pakistani Shia Muslims martyred in 2016

 As many as 58 Shia Muslims embraced martyrdom due to targeted attacks on them by the takfiri terrorists of banned Deobandi ASWJ and its allied-wings in Pakistan in 2016.

Takfiris of banned Deobandi terror outfits continued attacks on peaceful and law-abiding patriot Pakistan Shia Muslims, the co-religionists of founder of Pakistan Mohammad Ali JInnah but the State authorities have failed to take needed action to eliminate the banned terror outfits.

Some 256 Shia Muslims were martyred in 2015. Although, the numbers of the victims were reduced, much needs to be done to rid Pakistan of takfiri terrorism. Stern action including public hangings of the assassins is also needed to establish the writ of the government.

Below is a list of Shia martyrs in different cities reported throughout the year:

Monthly Report

January 2016

The year started with killing of three (03) innocent Shia Muslims by takfiri terrorists. Naved Ahmed, Mukhtar Zaidi and Naveed Abbas were martyred in Quetta, Karachi and Attock respectively.

February 2016

On 8th of February, Malik Iftikhar, a Shia Muslim was gunned down in Peshawar at the hands of takfiri militants.

March 2016

Karachi, Peshawar and D.I. Khan witnessed four (04) innocent shiite being murdered at the hands of hardcore terrorists. Their names were reported as Azhar Hussain, Syed Razi ul Hasan, Shamsher Ali and Abid Raza.

April 2016

Altogether four (04) innocent momineens were martyred with three (03) in Karachi and one (01) in Hyderabad. Names mentioned were; Shahid Hussain, Ali Sajjad, Hashim Rizvi and Imdad Jafri. It’s worth mentioning that all three individuals in Karachi were targeted at a go, Hashim Rizvi was a Gold Medalist from Physics Department at University of Karachi.

May 2016

Sectarian intolerance amplified when this month witnessed 8 martyrdom of innocent shiites. Renowned activist-cum-journalist Khurram Zaki was silenced in this month, for his voice perturbed the illicit ideologies of west borne upon muslims in Pakistan. Khurram was martyred in Karachi, whereas D.I. Khan witness massacre of 4 innocent shias on the same day, with two advocates among them.

On may 5, Advocate Atif Ali, Advocate Murtajiz, Athar Abbas and Mukhtar Abbas embraced martyrdom in D. I. Khan.

May 7 was the day when Khurram Zaki was killed.

May 12 was when parachinar witnessed martyrdom of Nasir Ali, Yahya Hussain and Akbar Ali.

June 2016

Apart from the heinous murder of renowned qawal and singer ‘Amjad Sabri’, June witnessed another kill in Karachi with martyrdom of Muhammad Abbas.

On June 22 Muhammad Azhar and Amjad Sabri were murdered, whereas Nadeem Abbas was killed in D. I. Khan on June 30.

July 2016

Advocate Shahid Abbas Shirazi was gunned down in D. I. Khan.

August 2016

Three Shia Muslims were shot in this very month.

On Aug 1 Muhammad Nabi and Ghulam Nabi in Quetta

On Aug 23 Saim Raza in Karachi.

September 2016

Death was accounted in Karachi and Shikarpur, with Muhammad Rafique in Shikarpur on Sept 17 and Shabad Haider in Karachi on Sept 20.

October, November 2016

According to Shiitenews, October witnessed Muharram processions this year again, with last year witnessing 255 innocent shias Muslims martyred in the name of sectarian rift. This year there were 4 major incidences recorded with 25 innocent Muslims martyred to include women.

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