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List of Ustād Ansāriān's works

List of Ustād Ansāriān's works

List of Ustād Ansāriān's works:



  • Ba Karavan-e Nur translated into English with the translated title of “Accompanying the Caravan of Light”                        
  • Nezam-e Khanevade dar Eslam translated into English, Urdu, Russian, Turkish, Arabic with the translated title of “The Family System in Islam”           
  • Sharh-e Du'a Kumayl translated into Arabic, Urdu, English with the translated title of “Commentary on Kumayl Devotions”
  • Tawbe, Aghush-e Rahmat translated into Arabic, English, Urdu with the translated title of “Repentance, the Bosom of Mercy”
  • Diyar-e 'Asheqan (Sharh-e Sahifa al-Sajjadiyya) translated into English with the translated title of “The Land of Lovers (Commentary on Al-Sahifa al-Sajjadiyya)”
  • Ahl-e Bayt translated into Urdu, Arabic, English, Russian with the translated title of The Prophet's (AS) Household, the Earth Inhabiting Divines
  • Luqman al-Hakeem translated into Urdu with the title of “Luqman al-Hakeem”



  • Translation of the Holy Qur'an.
  • Translation of Nahj al-Balagha.
  • Translation of Sahifat al-Kamilat al-Sajjadiyya.
  • Translation and paraphrase of Mafatih al-Janan.
  • Commentary on Kumayl's Devotions. New edition.
  • Ahl-e Bayt, 'Arshiyan-e Farshneshin ("The Prophet's (AS) Household, the Earth Inhabiting Divines").
  • Mu'asherat ("sociability, association").
  • Jelve-ha-ye Rahmat-e Elahi ("Manifestations of Divine Blessings").
  • Farhang-e Mehr-varzi ("The Culture of Love").
  • 'Ebrat-Amuz ("Admonitions").
  • Ziba'i-ha-ye Akhlaq ("The Beauties of Good Morals").
  • Tawbe, Aghush-e Rahmat ("Repentance, the bosom of Mercy").
  • Bar Bal-e Andishe ("On the Wings of Thought"), 2 vols., in print.
  • Ba Karavan-e Nur ("Accompanying the Caravan of Light").
  • Sima-ye Namaz ("The visage of Prayers").
  • Luqman-e Hakim ("Luqman, the Sage").
  • Furughi az Tarbiyat-e Eslami ("Beams of Light from Islamic Education").
  • Rasa'il-e Hajj ("Treatises on Pilgrimage to Mecca").
  • Divan-e Ash'ar (Majmu'a-ye Ghazaliyyat) ("Poetical Works, Collection of Ghazals).
  • Pursesh-ha va Pasukh-ha ("Questions and Answers"), 5 vols., in print.
  • Nezam-e Khanevade dar Eslam ("The Family System in Islam").
  • Munes-e Jan ("The Beloved").
  • 'Erfan-e Eslami (Sharh-e Misbah al-Shari'a) ("Islamic Mysticism, Commentary on M.), 15 vols, new edition.
  • Diyar-e 'Asheqan (Sharh-e Sahifa al-Sajjadiyya) ("The Land of Lovers, Commentary on S.), 15 vols, in print.
  • Seyr-i dar Ma'aref-e Eslami, ("Survey of Islamic Teachings"), vol.1, 'Aql, Kelid-e Ganj-e Sa'adat ("Intellect, the Key to the Treasure of Happiness"), vol.2, 'Aql, Mahram-e Raz-e Malakut ("Intellect, the Confidant of the Secret of the Heaven"), vol.3, Hadith-e 'Aql va Nafs ("Discourse on Intellect and Soul").
  • Majmu'a-ye Sukhanrani-ha-ye Mawzu'i ("Collection of Twenty Lectures Arranged by Topics").
  • Eslam va Kar va Kushesh ("Islam, Work, and Effort").
  • Eslam va 'Elm va Danesh ("Islam, Science, and Knowledge").
  • Imam Hasan Ebn-e 'Ali ra Behtar Beshenasim ("Let Us Improve Our Knowledge Regarding Hasan b. 'Ali (AS).
  • Ma'naviyyat, Asasi-tarin Niyaz-e 'Asr-e Ma ("Spirituality, The Greatest Need of Our Time").
  • Besu-ye Qur'an va Eslam ("Towards The Qur'an and Islam").
  • Marz-e Rushana'i ("Border of Light", collection of poetry).
  • Munajat-e 'Arefan ("Mystics' Devotions", collection of poetry).
  • Chashme-sar-e 'Eshq ("Fountain of Love", collection of poetry).
  • Golzar-e Muhabbat ("Garden of Love", collection of poetry).
  • 'Ebrat-ha-ye Ruzgar ("Lessons of Time").
  • Nasim-e Rahmat ("Breeze of Mercy").
  • Akhlaq-e Khuban ("Moralia of the Good).
  • Dar Bargah-e Nur ("At the Threshold of Light").
  • Chehel Hadith-e Hajj ("Forty Traditions Regarding Pilgrimage to Mecca").
  • Hajj, Vadi-ye Amn ("Pilgrimage to Mecca, the Land of Security").
  • Chehre-ha-ye Mahbub va Manfur-e Qur'an ("Loveable and Disgusting Characters in the Qur'an").
  • Adab vaAdab-e Za'er ("Pilgrims' Rites").
  • Rahi be Su-ye Akhlaq-e Eslami ("A Path towards Islamic Ethics").
  • Velayat va Rahbari az Didgah-e Nahj al-Balagha ("Government and Leadership as Reflected in N.").
  • Majmu'a-ye Maqalat ("Collected Essays").
  • 'Ubudiyyat ("Submission").
  • Shifa' dar Qur'an ("Cure in Islam").
  • Nafts ("Soul").
  • Taqrirat-e Dars-e Marhum Ayatullah al-'Uzma Hajj Mirza Hashem-e Amuli ("Annotations Taken at the Lectures delivered by the Late A., ms.).
  • Taqrirt-e Dars-e Khrej-e Marhum Ayatullah al-'Uzma Hajj Shaykh Abulfazl-e Najafi-ye Khansari ("Annotations Taken at the Lectures Delivered by the Late A. for Students at the Inferential Level", ms.)



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