Sunday 17th of December 2017
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Bahrain's Al Wefaq: Deporting and Making Citizens Stateless is Egregious Violation to Constitution and Int’l Law

Al Wefaq National Islamic Society said the deportation of Sheikh Mohammed Khojesteh from his homeland, after the revocation of his nationality, is an egregious violation of the Bahraini constitution and the International Law which Bahrain is must be committed to.

Sheikh Khojesteh is a patriotic Bahraini figure who made significant contributions in serving this country and its unity and the enlightenment of its people. This decision takes Bahrain into farther tensions in the wrong direction against international calls to open dialogue channels and begin to work on an inclusive political solution and end human rights violations.

Revocation of citizenships is used as a tool to punish activists, democracy and rights advocates in Bahrain. This regrettable decision has reminded the Bahraini people of the deportation of Ayatollah Sheikh Husain Alnajati about one a half years from today as a result of the applied repressive policies.

Al Wefaq urges the international community to take a clear position by refusing such decision. Al Wefaq appeals to the Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights who followed the case. The Bahraini Authorities carried out the decision to deport Khojesteh despite the presence of the OHCHR delegation in Bahrain, sending a message that they are to continue in their plans with no considerations to their pledges and commitments.

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