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ISIS: Three British brides 'flee ISIS husbands' in Iraq

ISIS: Three British brides 'flee ISIS husbands' in Iraq

Ahlul Bayt News Agency - Three British teenage girls were reported to be on the run from so-called Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant raising fears it might be the London schoolgirls who fled there earlier this year.

An unofficial monitor in Iraq claimed the terror group was hunting for three British [fake] jihadi brides who had fled after being married off to Isil militant.

They were said to be aged around 16 and that Isil was “thoroughly searching for them" in Mosul.

The report, from the Mosul Eye Facebook page, said the identity of the girls was not known.

It raises fears it could be Shamima Begum and Amira Abase, both 15, and Kadiza Sultana, 16, who left Bethnal Green in February to follow a friend to Syria.

Last month they were believed to be in the Syrian city of Raqqa but Mosul is only a six hour drive over the border.

Police and security sources were aware of the report.

It was released on the Facebook page of Mosul Eye, who purports to be a blogger in Iraq, and set up the page "to communicate what's happening in Mosul to the rest of the world, minute by minute from an independent historian inside Mosul".

He opposes Isil and remains anonymous, writing in detail in both English and Arabic about the inner-workings of the group, their execution of civilians and casualties they suffer from coalition air-strikes.

On May 2, Mosul Eye posted: "Three girls, (Foreigners - British) married to Isil militants, reported missing, and Isil announced to all its check points to search for them. It is believed that those girls have escaped."

In a later post he added: "The latest info I got on them is they are still on the run, but still in Mosul, and Isil is thoroughly searching for them and hasn't captured them yet.

"They are Brits, not immigrants, and they are very young teens (around 16 years old). That's all I have about them for now."

Shamima, Amira and Kadiza were all from Bethnal Green Academy and flew to Turkey, before crossing the border into war-torn Syria.

It is understood they were following another 15-year-old girl who travelled there in December.

In March a High Court judge confiscated the passports of four other pupils at the school after concerns were raised by Tower Hamlets Council.

Scottish girl Aqsa Mahmood, 20, was accused of encouraging at least one of the girls to go to Syria, which she denied.

It is feared more than 600 people from the UK have gone to join Isil in Syria and Iraq, including young women.

They include Manchester twins Salma and Zahra Halane who sneaked out of their home during the night while their family slept in July last year.

The 16-year-old college students then boarded a flight to Turkey before crossing into Syria where they are feared to have joined their brother, believed to be fighting with Isis.

They are understood to have married Isil militants out there, though there were reports at least one of the husbands had been killed.

 In earlier postings Mosul Eye warns of Isil carrying out mass searches of homes, looking for laptops, mobile phones, tablets and other devices, warning: "Please delete all your browsing history from anything related to politics, ISI, adult content, music, movies, pro-government pages.

"Please spread this around.”

In his latest postings, on May 7, the historian behind Mosul Eye talked of Isil militants plundering money from locals, whipping a young man 60 times for not closing his shop during prayer time and the public executions of civilians for minor transgressions of Sharia law.

source : abna
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