Tuesday 18th of June 2019

Senior Sunni Imam: Crimes in Yemen are crimes against humanity

Senior Sunni Imam: Crimes in Yemen are crimes against humanity

Ahlul Bayt News Agency -  Mamusta Amin Rasti, Friday prayer leader of Sanandaj city in the Iranian Province of Kurdistan, in his weekly sermon denounced Saudi crimes in Yemen expressing regret over the massacre of Yemeni nation.
He said," Unfortunately we are witness to realization of anti-revolutionary objectives of the enemies of Islam by the help of Saudi Arabia since they have turned into puppets of the US and Zionist regime of Israel."
Interim Friday prayer leader of Sanandaj called Saudi killing of the Yemeni nation as a crime against humanity and noted," Al Saud, with its crimes in Yemen, is taking step in line with the ambitions of the Zionist regime of Israel, security of the illegal regime, realizing the targets of the US and western countries and also revival of DAESH terrorist group."
"Using the outdated weapons of the US, Zionist regime of Israel, UK and France, Al Saud is giving the best service to these countries." said Mamusta Rasti.
He highlighted unity and solidarity of the Islamic nation as the greatest weapon against the intrigues by the enemies and demanded for more vigilance of the Muslims.

Iranian Sunni Friday prayer leader stressed," Brutal attacks of the Al Saud against Yemen, are against all international laws and these invasions, backed by western countries and anti-Islamic states have to be stopped immediately."

source : abna
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