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Marriage, a Great Worship

Marriage, a Great Worship

1.The Holy Prophet [s] said: "A two rak'at prayer that a married person establishes is worthier than when a bachelor keeps up prayers at nights and fasts during the days.

Man La Yahduruhul Faqih, vol. 3, p. 384

2.The Holy Prophet [s] said: "The sleep of a married person is better with Allah than an unmarried one who fasts during the day and keeps vigil at night, establishing prayers."

Bihar ul Anwar, vol. 103, p. 221(g02012007) (w10052007)

3.The Holy Prophet [s] said: "(Mostly) the doers of good of my Ummah are the married ones, while the vicious of them are unmarried."

Bihar-ul-Anwar, vol. 103, p. 221

4.The Holy Prophet [s] said: "The person who marries gains half of his Faith, then he must fear of Allah for the next remaining half."

Al-Kafi, vol. 5, p. 328 (28032007)

5.The Holy Prophet [s] said: "Most of the people of Hell will be the unmarried (irrespective of male or female)."

Man La Yahduruhul Faqih, vol. 3, p. 384

6.The Holy Prophet [s] said: "The doors of Heaven to mercy will be opened in four situations: when it rains, when a child looks kindly at his parent's face, when the door of the Ka'bah is opened, and when marriage (occurs)."

Bihar-ul-Anwar, vol. 103, p. 221(g10052007)

7.The Holy Prophet [s] said: "Join your children in marriage (boys or girls) because, thereby, Allah renders their tempers good, adds to their sustenance, and increases their sense of honour."

Bihar-ul-Anwar, vol. 103, p. 222

8.The Holy Prophet [s] said: "Get married and give your daughters in marriage, because it is from the good fortune of any Muslim man that he gives his (matured) daughter (or sister) in marriage."

Al-Kafi, vol. 5, p. 328(g28052007)

9.The Holy Prophet [s] said: "There is nothing to Allah, Almighty and Glorious, more beloved than the house which is developed in Islam by marriage; and there is nothing to Allah, Almighty and Glorious, more abhorent than the house which is ruined in Islam by separation, viz, divorce."

Al-Kafi, vol. 5, p. 328

10.The Holy Prophet [s] said: "Any young man who marries at the beginning of his youth, his devil moans and intensively regrets that he has protected two-third of his Faith from Satan."

Bihar-ul-Anwar, vol. 103, p. 221(12062007)

11.The Holy Prophet [s] said: "O' young people! If one of you is capable of marrying, then do it, because it is good for your eyes (not to stare at women) and protects your privy part (to remain more pious).

Mustadrak Wasa'il-ush Shi'ah, vol.14, p.153

12.The Holy Prophet [s] forbade the life of celibacy, and prohibited women from living in chastity and allowing their selves to remain unmarried."

Mustadrak Wasa'il-ush Shi'ah, vol.14, p. 248 (18092007)

13.Imam al-Jawad [a] wrote in a letter: "Whoever solicits you in marriage and you are convinced of his religion and his honesty, then do unite with him in wedlock."

AI-Kafi, vol. 5, p. 347

Man La Yahdhuruhul- Faqih, vol. 3, p. 393; AI-Tahthib, vol. 7, p. 394

14.Once a man told Imam Husayn [a] that he had a daughter and asked whom he [a] would advise him to give her to in marriage, and he said: "Give her in marriage to someone who (has Faith and) fears Allah, Almighty and Glorious, because he will love and respect her, and if he becomes angry with her, he will not hurt her."

AI-Mustatraf, vol. 2, p. 218 (26122007)

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