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Birth ceremony of Imam Ali (AS) held in Bauchi and Kano

Birth ceremony of Imam Ali (AS) held in Bauchi and Kano
Birthday anniversary of Imam Ali were celebrated in Nigeria's cities with presence of thousands of Ahlul Bayt lovers.

Nigeria: Birth ceremony of Imam Ali (AS) held in Bauchi and Kano

Ahlul Bayt News Agency - BAUCHI  - Bauchi zone of the Shiite Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the leadership of His Eminence Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky on Saturday, celebrated the birth anniversary of Ali Amir ul Mu’mineen with merry and grandeur, attended by many people.

The ceremony was held at the Fudiyyah School, Unguwar Shagari where Ameer of Bauchi, Shaikh Ahmad Yashi delivered an inspiring lecture on the life and times of Imam Ali.

The scholar, who in brief, narrated the history of Imam Ali (AS), described him as a role model and the Apparent Heir to the Holy Prophet, in whose hands lies salvation of humanity.

People at the occasion were treated to a grand feast to mark the day.

KANO:  The birth ceremony of Amir ul Mu’mineen took place at the Kano Hussainiyyah at night on Sunday, 15th Rajab 1436 (3/5/2015).

Guest speaker, Shaikh Muhammad Mahmud Turi spoke on the virtues associated with Imam Ali, citing authentic references to buttress his point.

Shaikh Turi described Imam Ali (A') as an outstanding figure history is yet to produce, whose attributes are far beyond human conception.

He said, only the Allah and the Holy Messenger of Allah know the true divine status of Imam Ali.

Shaikh Turi however pointed out that, the little we know of Imam Ali (S) should be used to see him as a role model worthy of emulation.

People were treated to a grand feast to commemorate the day, while poets read out verses in praise of Imam Ali.

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