Saturday 24th of August 2019

Al Saud regime to sink in Yemen quagmire - Grand Shia Scholar 'Javadi Amoli'

Al Saud regime to sink in Yemen quagmire - Grand Shia Scholar 'Javadi Amoli'

Ahlul Bayt News Agency - The land of Divine revelations is enslaved in the grasp of Ale Saud today and that regime has enslaved itself by invading Yemen, where it will get sunk eventually, source of jurisprudence Ayatollah Abdollah Javadi Amoli said on Sunday.

'Saudi aggression on Yemen is condemned, the situation there will not remain as it is and Al Saud that has suppressed the Yemeni nation will be punished for the criminal acts it has committed,' said the ayatollah in a meeting with a group of university students from Karaj, the capital city of Alborz province.

Calling the Saudis 'the servants of the Zionists' Ayatollah Amoli said that like all oppressors in the history, the Saudis will pay for the war crimes they committed against innocent human beings.

'Those who vow covenants with God in their hearts, God vows covenants with them and He will assist them in their hard times and catastrophes,' he said.

The Shia source of jurisprudence compared the present day situation of the Yemeni people with that of the Gaza Strip Palestinians, who have vowed covenant with God and the cruel Zionist regime has therefore never managed to suppress them.

'The difference though is that Al Saud regime will get stuck in the hell that it has raised this time and will not escape intact from this quagmire,' he added.

source : abna
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