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Prof Hussein Ansarian’s Messaage to the Muslims of Yemen

Prof Hussein Ansarian’s Messaage to the Muslims of Yemen

It is more than three hundred years that the Islamic world is dealing with the colonizing wolves who plunder their overflowing mines and kill thousands of men, women and children in cold blood and unfortunately instead of evicting the colonizers and paying attention to their own, the governments of the Islamic regions are slaves and agents of the colonialism helping the process of plundering of nations and killing the innocent.

According to documents and rancid records the Saudi’s ancestors are from the Jews of Kheibar who collected and gathered all the records and books on this matter with high expenses before they were distributed in the Islamic world. With regard to definite, certain documents they are the planners of establishing the Israeli government by their ancestor Abdul-Aziz Ale Saud and also allies of Israel form the beginning.

و مانقموا منهم الا ان یومنوا بالله العزیز الحمید « Borouj Surah, Verse 8 »

You, o innocent Muslims of Yemen! O, great freedom seekers! Up-risers for God and your country’s savior from the claws of colonizers and their associates led by killers and merciless Mansours and Al-Qaeda and Daesh! Be sure that God and his pious men all over the world support you and care for you. Surely your bloodsucking enemy, the relentless Saudi will fail and your victory is certain and this is proven all through history.

Qom, April 11th 2015

Hussein Ansarian

source : erfan
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      السنّة والبدعة
      لماذا تُنسَب الشيعة لابن سبأ ؟
      هل الدعوة لإزالة ذهب القباب عُمَرِيَةُ المنشأ فعلاً ؟
      القدرة المطلقة وإحياء الموتى
      ما هو الفرق بين بيعة الناس لعلي و بيعة الناس للخلفاء ؟
      ضرورة وحدة الأمة الإسلامیة
      علاقة الشیعة الامامیة بالغلاة
      لماذا ولد علي عليه السلام في الكعبة ؟!
      ما حكم الأكل من العقيقة لمن يعق عن نفسه؟
      ما حكم التوضؤ للصلاة قبل دخول الوقت؟ و هل تصح الصلاة ...

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