Wednesday 22nd of May 2019

Palestinian lawmaker slams Arab silence on Yarmouk camp in Syria

Palestinian lawmaker slams Arab silence on Yarmouk camp in Syria

The Yarmouk refugee camp in Syria, which houses tens of thousands of displaced Palestinians, has been gripped by deadly violence between armed Palestinian factions and the ISIL since it was stormed by the terrorist group last week. More than 1,000 Palestinians have been reportedly killed since the ISIL took over some 90 percent of the camp.

Ahmed Tibi, a member of the Arab Joint List party, called the ISIL attack on the Palestinian refugee camp “a crime against humanity” and condemned the international community, particularly the Arab countries, for remaining silent on the deadly violence in Yarmouk.

“I feel anger and great sadness about what is happening in what is left of the camp. There is a moral double standard. If other people were the victims, not the Palestinians, it would be different,” Ahmed Tibi said on Monday.

The UN Security Council has condemned the “grave crimes” committed by ISIL in Yarmouk and demanded humanitarian access to nearly 18,000 civilians there.

On Monday, the Palestinian Liberation Organization also called for an end to the “tragedy” of Yarmouk and ISIL eviction from the camp.

Hundreds of Palestinians have fled the camp, initially built for Palestinians fleeing the 1948 Israeli war, in recent days following the ISIL attacks. 

source : abna
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