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Ahlul Sunnahs Fatwa that to marry a Wahabi / Deobandi is batil

Ahlul Sunnahs Fatwa that to marry a Wahabi / Deobandi is batil

In the above mentioned Asari writes:

Wahabi and Deobandis are apostates, to marry them anywhere whether you are a Muslim, True Kafir (by birth) or an apostate, human or animal, is not permissible such a marriage is void, it would be deemed fornication and offspring will be illegitimate. (taken from Mulfuuzath Part 2 page 111-112)"

"Hanafittath aur Muzzahiyaatk" by Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Asari, page 35 publishers Jama Ibraheemiya Sial Koht

This is the state of the Wahabis who the Sunnis dont even want in their homes because they are the products of fornication.

Numani and his likes look at the Fatwas of the Sunni Ulema against your party


source : www.rafed.net
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