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Hollywood Behind Muslim Killing

Hollywood Behind Muslim Killing

According to Young Journalist Club, Hollywood's extensive effort in spreading Islamophobia, Shiaphobia and Iranophobia has never ceased, especially after Islamic Revolution of Iran.

Many organized efforts in promoting cultural war, which themselves were pretexts to attack and occupy other countries, have continued with production of movies focusing on homosexuality and debauchery and now they have entered another phase with the Islamophobic and Muslim Killing content.

On January 6th, the Supreme Leader of Iran, in a meeting with members of parliament from religious minorities, revealed the recent movements of the media controlled by arrogant powers to spread a wave of aggression and Muslim killing.

He commented on one of the most recent American movies, saying: today you can see there is so much propaganda against Muslims in Europe and America. The point is not that why Muslims do not have enough freedom but why they do not have any security. This "sniper" movie which has gone viral encourages a Christian or non-Muslim youth to hurt Muslims as much as he can. This is not acceptable in Islam. Islam believes in fairness.

He then added: we have learned from Islam that we must treat believers of other religions with equality and fairness. What we see today in the world is that the arrogant powers and countries claim they are fair but in fact there is no justice in oppressive policies of them.

In the recent years, with the reinforcement of terrorist takfiri groups like ISIS, the oppression and violence against Muslims has increased.

The movie "sniper" was released in 2014. It is a product of "Warner Brothers" which has produced the movie "Argo" as well. The movie is based on the book of memoirs of an American army sniper.

Amy Nicholson who has worked on this American killer's biography points out that some of the adventures mentioned in the book are fabrications and lies.

She said that the movie had to point these lies out but as far as the movie wipes the lies off the protagonist of the story it means that the movie itself is a lie too. The movie portrays the protagonist and a hero.

According to Guardian, the American movie "Sniper" raises a very serious question and that is in making a movie how truthful we are and to create an entertaining product what moral and social price do we have to pay?

The Guardian adds: the only picture the movie offers us is of a hero. But probably in reality this "hero" has weak moral values. One the one hand he can be a good soldier and on the other a professional killer who has done what he liked to in the army.

According to Chris kyle, the first person he killed was a woman

Some have praised the movie and have called it a cultural achievement. However, many others have called it a justification of killing civilians in Iraq.

Rebeca Cusey in the online magazine The Federalist has written that: it seems that the protagonist never regrets killing civilians in Iraq while a fighter has to accept the evil and inhumane side of his actions even if he believes he is defending the truth.

The movie is based on memoirs of an American soldier called Chris Kyle. It has been nominated for 6 Oscars this year including Best Picture and Best Adaptation.

It is worth mentioning that the academy of science and animated arts established the Oscars with two goals; first to support American film industry and second to encourage movies that are made to realize the American Dream and American ideology.

When the movie "Sniper" was released the websites Youtube and Wikipedia along with many other websites did their best to introduce this movie further. Google put the trailer on the first page related to searches about the movie which won the movie a great box office sales.

The Islamophobic wave which has been fueled by the events in Paris emerged as fighting with Islam and Muslim killing in Chapel Hill.

The movie "sniper" was premiered on January 6, 2015. The very suspicious events in Paris happened on January 7. Three American Muslims in university of North Carolina were killed by an anti-Muslim on February 11. Now this violence-promoting movie is going to be screened on February 22 to millions of viewers all around the world in the Academy Awards ceremony.

Three Muslims who were killed in University of North Carolina and their Murderer on top right

Vanessa Rasanen in an article says that: it is not easy to watch this movie and show no reaction. It is not a movie for everyone.

The Federalist, a magazine in Alexandria, says that the movie "sniper" might win the Best Picture but can not wipe the shame off American screen.

Hollywood never disputes the legitimacy of American claim of other peoples' lands and never challenges the ever increasing willingness of America to attack, occupy and commit crimes in other countries.

Chris Kyle the protagonist of the movie was a soldier who honored killing Iraqi people. He wrote an autobiography in 2009 saying that: my duty is to kill and I do not regret doing it. I have no conscience-strike.

In his book he describes Iraqi civilians as brutes and barbaric, stressing that his and his company's lives were worth more than the Iraqi's lives.

Chris Kyle, holder of the record for killing the most people in American army, was killed by another soldier who had just returned from war on February 2, 2013.


source : www.abna.ir
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