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Grand Ayatollah Makarem: Islamic Revolution changed political map of Middle East

Grand Ayatollah Makarem: Islamic Revolution changed political map of Middle East

Grand Naser Ayatollah Makarem-Shirazi stated that the Islamic Revolution changed the political map of the Middle East and also changed regional equations, saying: "Before the Islamic Revolution, the West was easily able to carry away Iran's resources, but the Revolution has become an obstacle [to their plots]."

His Eminence added that due to the blessings of the Islamic Revolution, Iran will not pay a ransom to its enemies. Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and other countries have been awakened and an Islamic movement has begun there.

Not only has the Iranian Islamic Revolution changed the political map of the region in general, it has had a tremendous effect on Iran itself as well. The revered source of emulation stated that before the Revolution, American military advisors were present in Iran and Iran's national army was in the hands of foreigners. "It is clear what the situation could have become," he said.

Regarding celebrating the achievements of the Islamic Revolution in various fields, he said that thanks to the Islamic Revolution, an unprecedented situation has been created due to Iran's nuclear talks [with the P5+1]. Due to the ongoing negotiations, several foreign ministers have come to Iran from other countries to negotiate with the Iranian Foreign Minister [Mohammad-Javad Zarif].

Ayatollah Makarem-Shirazi explained that the West has invested a lot in the negotiations to the point that they are so important that they all have sent their Secretary of State [John Kerry] to the negotiating table. "If Iran did not matter, they would not be willing to negotiate with us. Their excesses will be resisted," he emphasized.

He emphasized that Iranians paid a heavy price for the victory of the Islamic Revolution. They were ready to sacrifice their personal interests for the sake of the greater public interests.

The renowned scholar emphasized that the usurper regime of Israel was deeply shaken by the victory of the Islamic Revolution, which is one the greatest achievements of the Islamic Revolution. "During the Six-Day War, Israel invaded Egypt and occupied important part of the country. But now, it could not succeed in its 50-day war against the Gaza Strip, nor can it last in a war with Hezbollah. These are all the results and blessings of the Islamic Revolution. This is the lowest time for Israel," Ayatollah Makarem-Shirazi said.


source : www.abna.ir
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