Friday 22nd of March 2019

Quran, Among Best-selling Books in France

Quran, Among Best-selling Books in France

Following the publication of cartoons desecrating Islamic sanctities in France, the Noble Quran and books about Islam are becoming a best-seller in the country.

The number of people buying the Quran and Islamic books in French bookstores has skyrocketed since a French satirical magazine published cartoons depicting Islam's Holy Prophet (PBUH).

On January 14, Charlie Hebdo, whose Paris office was attacked by two gunmen on January 7, once again published a cartoon of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) on the cover of its new edition despite warnings that the move is provocative.

The sacrilegious move sparked protests and condemnation from Muslims all over the world.

In France, the move has just made people more interested in learning about Islam for themselves.

A book shop owner in Paris says all the Quran copies in his shop have run out.

Another one says selling Quran translations in French has grown three to four times in recent weeks.


source : www.abna.ir
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