Sunday 16th of June 2019

"Carrying Sheikh Ali Salman’s Photo Means Death" Terrorism of Bahrain Security

What was this peaceful youth doing other than holding a photo? He was standing completely unarmed in front of an armored vehicle, which was garrisoned of everything but its savage desires of killing. This youth was not screaming, chanting or doing anything; he was raising Sheikh Salman's photo to protest against the Sheikh's arrest.

The victim was exercising his right in expressing his rejection to the arrest process in a pure civilian and peaceful way. Meanwhile, the criminal who attacked the unarmed youth was protected inside the armored vehicle, thus he was not exposed to any kind of risk. Besides, none even tried to attack the criminal. This terrorist, who works for the Bahraini security forces, did not dare but to raise his rifle's muzzle out of a specified small opening found in the armored vehicle to directly shot the youth in his face from a close distance. Is it possible that this be any other thing but terrorism?

The video that was posted on social media networks on 20th January 2015 showing the attacking of the unarmed youth, who had only raised Sheikh Salman's photo, is a sample of crimes that have been daily repeated since 25 days; the period that reflects Al Wefaq's Secretary General's arrest. We daily see photos of severe injuries for peaceful protestors mired in blood as a result of the internationally prohibited shotguns.

These protestors lay in their blood and so does Sheikh Ali Salman's raised photos. It is to mention that on 6th January 2015, an old man was directly shot in his face by a tear gas canister; as a result, Sheikh Ali Salman's photo fell down and got splatted with the old man's blood. The terrorism incubating ministry wants to deliver a clear message for the peaceful protestors: Sheikh Ali Salman's photo means death, thus, protestors will face the same destiny whether they were protesting holding a photo or a Molotov: it is Death.

Can the Ministry of Interior justify the documented crime it committed? Will the Ministry of Interior retell its lie that it deals with saboteurs who attack it using locally made bombs? Will it repeat its known lie that it had to use force to deal with the saboteurs? Will it dare to do so?

The shotgun mired the youth's face and body with blood. Being shocked by his injury, the youth started running towards the other protestors as if he did not believe this ill and brutal treatment. He did not utter but groans and the blood which covered his face and body left prints on the street. His exhausted body fell to the ground after he had felt safe among the other protestors, however, he insisted to stay holding something tightly until the last moment: it's Sheikh Salman's photo, covered in blood but remaining high.


source : www.abna.ir
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