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Ayatollah Makarim Sherazi: British prime minister does not pay a heed to the statements of Pope

Ayatollah Makarim Sherazi: British prime minister does not pay a heed to the statements of Pope

Famous religious scholar of Iran and grand Shia cleric while pointing towards the disrespect of Holy Prophet (SAWW) said that Pope Francis has opposed this blasphemous act but British prime minister gave a statement in support of this blasphemy.

Ayatollah Nasir Makarim Sherazi while talking in a gathering arranged by religious schools of women said that there are many religious schools for women and religious schools should also be built outside of the country.

He said that some people believe that women should not participate in academic and social activities, but I ask them a question, is Islam solely a constitution for men and women have no role in it. This thinking is against Quranic teachings. Men and women are equal in Islam.

His eminence stated that one of the important verses of Holy Quran is the verse about piety which includes both men and women. He further added that all those verses which address "O! Believers", it includes both men and women and these are not associated with men only.

While pointing towards the blasphemous cartoons in French magazine Charlie Hebdo, he said that British Prime Minister has asked to continue disrespecting Islamic sanctities. Pope has opposed this act of blasphemy and stated that sanctities of any religion should not be disrespected.

His eminence stated that British Prime Minister David Cameron does not give importance to the statements of Pope.

Ayatollah Makarim Sherazi said that blasphemous cartoons of Holy Prophet (SAWW) have hurt the sentiments of Muslims.

It is to be remembered that French magazine Charlie Hebdo has republished the blasphemous cartoons of Holy Prophet (SAWW) last week. Muslims around the world have strongly reacted to it and protests have been arranged in almost every Muslim country against this blasphemy.


source : www.abna.ir
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